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Hungry Girl Today: 11.05.08


Dear Hungry Girl,

I have a few Qs for you. First of all, where can I find the WW POINTS®

values for the recipes in the HG cookbook? Does Splenda have calories? And

where can I find those Tofu Shirataki noodles you are always talking about?

Sorry for having so many questions!

Lots of Qs

Dear Lots of Qs,

No worries -- that's what I'm here for! I'd be happy to answer all of your

questions. The Weight Watchers POINTS® values for every recipe in the HG

book can be found at our book site -- Or click HERE to

download a handy-dandy PDF that has all of the POINTS® values in an easy-

to-print format. Many people write all the POINTS® values in their books,

which is a great idea. Next answer for you -- yes, Splenda does have

calories. There are approximately four calories in each packet of Splenda.

For more on that, click here and scroll. And for your final Q, House Foods

Tofu Shirataki noodles can be found at most Whole Foods locations, at many

supermarket chains (like Ralph's, Publix, Price Chopper, and more), at most

Asian markets, at health food stores, and online (here and here). Click here

to visit the House Foods website where there's lots more info. Whew, okay...

all answered!


A few weeks ago, you mentioned something about diet soda and cake mix.

Then I saw you talking about it on Extra. Can you please elaborate on that? I

tried searching your site to no avail. It's driving me CRAZY. How do you

make cake with diet soda??


Dear Fizz-Frazzled,

Ever since that "Ask HG" question and the Extra segment ran, people have

been emailing in about the diet soda cake. I guess I could have done a

better job explaining that. SORRY! It could NOT be any easier. Just take a

box of cake mix, and INSTEAD of adding the eggs, oil, water, etc., that the

box tells you to add, just mix with 1 can of diet soda, and then bake

according to box directions (or until a knife inserted into the center comes

out clean). That's it! You can do the same with brownie mix as well. Lots of

people stick to Diet Coke and chocolate cake, but I have experimented with

various cake and soda combos. Diet cream soda and diet lemon-lime soda

both work GREAT with yellow and white cakes, as do fruity diet sodas like

black cherry and orange. Have fun and be adventurous! By the way, a lot of

people have emailed in saying that they add a can of black beans to their

cake or brownie mix instead of the recommended ingredients (and then mix

with an electric mixer and bake according to the directions on the box). I've

tried that, and it tasted good, but please remember this -- while the beans

are healthy and contain fiber, a can of them typically has over 300 calories,

so they'll add an extra 25 - 30 calories to each serving of your cake. Diet

soda adds no calories. Of course if you want to add fiber, there's always our

favorite... CANNED PUMPKIN! So depending on what you're looking for, alter

your cake-baking accordingly. Have fun!!!

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