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Hungry Girl Today: 1.21.09


Dear HG,

LOVE your site! Can you give me some low-cost AND low-cal ideas for eating

guilt-free foods? Sometimes opting to eat right can be costly. Thanks.

Cheap but Hungry

Dear CBH,

Glad you're a fan of the website! I get MANY emails with complaints about

the price of guilt-free foods. Here are some less expensive ways to go:

For Fruits & Veggies - Hit the freezer aisle. You'll be amazed at the wide

variety and low prices of frozen produce. Stock up on them. BTW, you don't

even have to defrost those chilly berries -- I eat frozen fruit straight from the

bag and use it in smoothies, too! Also, look for local farmers markets -- you

can often find inexpensive produce that's even fresher than what you'll find

at the supermarket. (Yes, I know it's January and outdoor markets in cold-

weather locations are closed. But it's a good tip to keep in mind!) One more

thing -- buy foods that are in season. You'll save a lot that way...

For Specialty Items - No doubt about it, low-calorie, low-fat treats are often

expensive. Try this little tip to save cash. Avoid the single-serving, portion-

controlled craze -- those products are always more expensive than the

originals. Just break down a giant bag of popcorn or chips into single

servings as soon as you get home. Need an added bonus? There are usually

more flavor options in the original sizes than there are in the smaller single-

serving packs. Another idea is to look for generic versions of those treats --

Target has its own version of Fiber One Chewy Bars and many supermarket

chains have their own 100-calorie packs. And finally, go for bulk! Once you

know you like a product, you can save by purchasing it in bulk, either online

or at stores like Costco and Sam's Club.

Clip Coupons! - This may sound cliché, but paying attention to specials and

cutting out coupons is an excellent way to save a bunch of money on food.

Look for deals on items nearing their expiration dates. (Just be sure to

consume the stuff before it goes bad!) Do it!

Hope this helps! Happy snacking...

Hey HG!

I'm a college student living on campus, and I want to get rid of the freshman

(and sophomore, and junior) fifteen. What are some good low-cal substitutes

for things like ramen noodles and grilled cheese? I want to eat like my

friends but still lose a little weight. Is this possible?

Chew U

Dear Chew U,

Yes, it's possible. There are lots of college staples that don't have to cause

weight gain. For a great ramen swap, add House Foods Tofu Shirataki

noodles to fat-free chicken broth. You'll have a giant bowl of noodle soup for

around 60 calories, a gram of fat, and 4g fiber (POINTS® value 0*).

AMAZING. (FYI, Shirataki newbies should click here and check out the 2nd Q

for more info.) There's also a product out there called Nissin Choice Ramen

with fewer calories and way less fat than regular ramen -- a serving of that

has 140 calories, less than a gram of fat, and 1g fiber (POINTS® value 3*).

If you find that stuff, stock up -- rumor is it'll be discontinued after this

summer. As for grilled cheese, I make a version that uses either a high-

fiber/low-calorie tortilla or two slices of light bread, a wedge of Laughing Cow

Light cheese, and a slice of fat-free American cheese. You can pop it in the

toaster oven or "fry" it up in a pan with nonstick cooking spray (and a little

Brummel & Brown or some zero-calorie butter spray). That cheesy treat will

only have about 200 calories or so and a few grams of fat. Other great foods

for college life? Popchips, VitaTops, fresh fruits and veggies, canned soups,

and fat-free yogurt (Yoplait Light and Fage Total 0%). For some more college-

friendly chews, check out this dorm room survival guide and these cafeteria

tips. Have fun!!!

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