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Hungry Girl Today: 3.06.09

Looking to save calories AND money?! We're here for you, baby...

Super Savings...

The Whole Deal at Whole Foods - If you're like us, there are certain
(sometimes pricey) specialty products you don't want to give up, no matter
how much your food budget shrinks. Luckily, Whole Foods (which carries Gnu
Bars, Amy's items, freeze-dried fruit packs, and more) has some bargains.
The Whole Deal brochure and online section of the WF website give you
coupons, budget-friendly recipe ideas, guidelines for seasonal shopping (and
saving!), and more. Check out Sure Deals for bargain buys, many by the
company's 365 Everyday Value brand. There's also the Three Under $3
section, which features (doy!) items for less than 3 bucks. Sweet! P.S. We
know WF isn't always the cheapest market in town, but if you love to shop
there, this info will help you save.

Amazon Grocery - If you're shy about online shopping, reconsider. Amazon's
pretty much the most reputable site out there, and the Grocery section is
chock-full of incredible deals. In addition to everyday savings, there are
special offers and huge grocery sales (keep reading for an insane one
happening right now!). Plus, many products are eligible for free shipping on
orders over $25. Search by category, brand, or product name, and find
everything from cereal to seasoning packets. Nice!

HG BARGAIN ALERT! Our pals at Heavenly Diet Store (the internet's
grooviest guilt-free grocery store) are offering up a very special deal for
Hungry Girl subscribers. Get 50% off of shipping on any order over $30 -- at
checkout, just enter shipment discount code: hungrygirl. (Savings will be
applied at checkout.) So stock up on Tofu Shirataki noodles, FiberGourmet
Light Pasta, La Tortilla Factory tortillas, Western Bagel Alternative items,
Vivi's sauce, Torani sugar-free syrups, Unsweetened Almond Breeze, and so
much more. Check out the Hungry Girl Approved section for all of our picks.
(Categories are listed on the left-hand side.) This is a good deal, people.
Don't miss out!

Must-Read Resource

The Grocery Cart Makeover - We LOVE this e-book! It'll teach you how to get
the most nutritional bang for your buck. Besides a specific section all about
budget shopping, the entire thing is packed with ideas on how to make the
most of the groceries you buy. It answers Qs that can save you LOTS of
cash, too. For example... If a can is dented (and discounted), is the food
spoiled? With which foods is it less important to go organic? Is frozen
produce as nutritious as fresh? Also, you'll find out how to keep foods fresher
for longer and how to pick the freshest meat and seafood. All in all, this
guide is pretty handy and helpful when it comes to cutting costs at the

HG's Money-Saving Tips & Tricks!

1. Become a bargain warrior. Clip coupons for the grocery store, local
eateries, everything. Keep your eyes and ears open for special offers.
(Restaurants are hurting now, so many are pulling out all the stops.) AND if
you see a great price on something you use a lot that won't go bad, stock up!

2. Hit up your local super-centers to save some serious dough. SuperTarget
and Wal-Mart Supercenter locations have grocery departments with some
great deals (especially in the clearance section!). And for less than 5 bucks a
month, sign up for a yearly Costco membership -- then you can save tons by
buying mega-packs of non-perishable foods. Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale
Club also offer super-savings with membership.

3. It's all about DIY portion control. 100-calorie packs, as much as we love
them, are not always recession-friendly. Grab a giant bag of that snack you
like so much and a package of cheap re-sealable baggies or plastic
containers. Break out the measuring cup, and portion out your goodies
before you have a chance to overdo it.

4. Frozen food is your chilly friend! Freezer-aisle fruits and veggies keep a
LOT longer and are usually cheaper than fresh. Love seafood? Fish is great
for you but a little pricey when it's fresh. So skip the fish counter and hit up
the freezer aisle.

5. Go generic! Show the world you don't care about fancy labels. Most
grocery stores stock generic versions of popular food items at a fraction of
the name-brand price, even very specific stuff like steamable bags of frozen
veggies and sprayable salad dressings. And the knock-off is usually placed
right by the original. Fantastic!

6. Brown bag your lunch. (Or carry a cute lunch tote!) Fix a big salad in the
morning, stash your favorite light dressing at work, and voilĂ , instant low-
budget lunch. Got a microwave? Low-cal soup and low-fat popcorn are easy
guilt-free snacks. Just think of all the cash and calories you'll save by
packing your own lunch instead of ordering in or going out.

HG BARGAIN ALERT! is running a 40%-off promotion on select grocery items -- valid
only until the end of today, 3/6/09!!! (Don't worry... there'll probably be an
all-new sale starting soon!) We spied some HG favorites, but they're going
fast! Check it out now, and use promo code: FBCLEVNT. And DO NOT miss
Monday's News -- we'll be dishing on some more Amazon deals!

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Friday, March 6th, is National Frozen Food Day. Don't miss our frozen food
bonanza next Thursday, 3/12/09. We'll be chewin' and reviewin' a slew of
frozen finds. In the meantime, enjoy one of our favorite freezer-aisle treats --
Amy's Mexican Tamale Pie!

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