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Hungry Girl Today: 3.25.09


Dear HG,

I am in DIRE need of some breakfast ideas that are fast and easy. I have
very little time to eat in the AM. Please, please, PLEASE help me!

Skips B-Fast

Dear Skips,

I don't mean to sound like a total dork here, but DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST.
It is the most important meal of the day! Truly. Here are some quick and
simple breakfast ideas...

1. Microwave Scramble - Pour some Egg Beaters (or another fat-free liquid
egg substitute) into a mug, microwave with some fat-free or low-fat cheese,
and you'll have a delicious scramble in minutes. (Click here for the how-to.)
Bonus -- no pan to clean. AWESOME. EASY. And protein-packed!

2. Yogurt and a VitaTop - Grab a fat-free yogurt and a VitaTop (if it's frozen,
remember to nuke it), and head out the door. Don't forget a spoon!

3. High-Fiber Tortilla w/ Fat-Free Cheese - Roll up some cheese in your
tortilla, heat it in the microwave or toaster oven, and you've got yourself a
FAST and WARM breakfast! Or, for an even more filling breakfast, wrap a
microwave scramble (#1 on this list) in a high-fiber tortilla... Yum!

4. Three-Minute Oatmeal Mash - In a microwave-safe bowl, stir together a
packet of plain instant oatmeal, a heaping tbsp. of canned pure pumpkin, a
handful (about 1/4 cup) of Fiber One cereal (original), about 1/3 cup light
vanilla soymilk or Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, 1/4 cup water, and a
no-calorie sweetener packet. Then nuke for about two minutes and stir. You'll
have a super-fast, super-delicious breakfast for around 165 calories, 3g fat,
10g fiber, and 7g protein (POINTS® value 3*).

Those are my breakfast ideas of the day. TRY ONE TOMORROW!!!!

Dear Hungry Girl,

What are you drinking these days? I mean, what are your favorite non-
alcoholic beverages?

Thirsty for Info

Dear Thirsty,

Good Q! There are sooo many things to drink out there now, it's hard to
figure out what the good stuff is. For starters, I rarely drink beverages that
contain a lot of calories (what a waste). For the most part, I drink water. I
truly enjoy drinking (room temperature) water and try to down as much of it
as humanly possible. In addition to the 8 - 12 glasses of plain water I try to
get in daily, I do drink other stuff...

1. Vitaminwater10 - I was SO anti-Vitaminwater for a long time because of
how many calories it contains -- but I am ALL OVER this new 10-calories-per-
serving naturally sweetened stuff. An entire bottle has just 25 calories -- AND
it has vitamins. Good deal!

2. Coke Zero - I don't drink a whole lot of soda, but when I do, I like Coke
Zero. Best diet soda out there!

3. FRS Low Cal Concentrate in Orange - Every morning (unless I'm on the
road!), I drink a tall glass made with 2 oz. of this FRS, a Splenda packet,
crushed ice, and about a cup of water. It helps me feel more energized.

4. Starbucks Via Ready Brew - These individual packets of instant coffee are
brand-new and impressive. I've found myself whipping up guilt-free coffee
drinks with our sample packets of this stuff lately. It's DEFINITELY worth
checking out! It's only sold in some store locations right now, but you can
buy it online by clicking here.

5. Dasani Essence - This new line of unsweetened, calorie-free, lightly
flavored water is FANTASTIC and totally unique. Mmmm!

Happy sipping, people!!!

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Today, March 25th, is Pecan Day, people! Did you know pecans contain more
antioxidants than any other nut? We're so proud of you, li'l pecans!!!

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