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Hungry Girl Today: 4.01.09


RECALL ALERT! A million pounds of pistachios have been recalled due to
possible salmonella contamination. More recalls are expected soon. The FDA
recommends that people avoid eating ALL pistachio products until more info
is available. Click here for details.

Dear Hungry Girl,

I'm just wondering why some of your recipes call for Splenda and regular
brown sugar, instead of just calling for Splenda Brown Sugar Blend. What

Perplexed in Peoria

Dear Perplexed,

This question gets asked A LOT. The truth is, lots of HG recipes call for
Splenda (granulated), but we don't use brown sugar in recipes very often. So
rather than tell everyone to go out and buy Splenda Brown Sugar Blend
(which is a little pricey), HG recipes tend to call for a little brown sugar
(cheaper) and a little Splenda (which you probably already have at home).
Splenda Brown Sugar Blend is merely a mix of Splenda and brown sugar.
Since many of you already buy boxes of Splenda for other recipes, calling
for regular brown sugar and regular Splenda is a way to save you a little
money. That's all -- nothing sneaky or weird -- just watching out for you.
Maybe I should have made up something more interesting?! BTW, click here
to see all of our recipes that contain brown sugar. Yum...

Dear HG,

I love to shop at Ikea and sometimes can't resist the Swedish meatballs. Do
you have any idea how many calories those things have?

Meatball Madness

Dear MM,

WOW... I can't tell you how many times I've shopped at Ikea and been
tempted by those crazy little meatballs (and of course those ridiculous-
smelling cinnamon buns!). Six of the Swedish meatballs clock in at 210
calories and 13g fat (POINTS® value 5*). But an order contains FIFTEEN
meatballs! The lingonberry sauce that comes with the meatballs and the
cream sauce that comes over them aren't too bad -- a tbsp. of each has
about 30 - 35 calories and 0 - 1.5g fat. But those potatoes on the plate add a
lot more calories. BTW, the cinnamon buns have 400 calories and 14g fat
each (POINTS® value 9*). Eeeks. You may be better off following those
arrows throughout the showroom and skipping the cafeteria altogether. And
if you must eat something while you're there, snack on one of the vanilla
frozen yogurt cones. (Word is, those are fat-free with just 100 calories each.)
LOVE that fro yo. Or pack your own snacks if you plan to be there for a
while. (You may wanna bring snacks even if you DON'T plan on staying for
much time -- I always wind up there for longer than expected.) Ooh, and
check out this great little chart of nutritionals put together by Ikea fans --
unofficial, but pretty cool! Happy shopping... and chewing!

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Today, April 1st, is Eat Everything In Sight Day. So start chewing, people,
and don't stop 'til your pants explode. APRIL FOOLS!!!

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