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Hungry Girl Today: 5.20.09


Hey HG,

I love Pinkberry frozen yogurt. However, I noticed recently that the calorie
counts are higher than I remember. What gives? Any idea?!

Go with the Fro

Dear Go with the Fro,

I, too, LOVE frozen yogurt. And I've been a huge Pinkberry fan for a while.
There are some things you should keep in mind when calculating calories in
ANY kind of soft-serve frozen yogurt, but first I want to address your
Pinkberry question. Here's the deal...

The stats HAVE in fact changed recently. (Click here to download the current
nutritionals.) After a lawsuit settlement regarding nutritional claims and
manufacturing practices, the Pinkberry people made some changes to their
yogurt production. They also changed the way they calculate the calories to
be more realistic. Apparently, since Pinkberry launched in 2005, a half-cup
serving of the Original has gone from supposedly having 70 calories to 100
calories, and a half-cup serving of the Green Tea flavor has gone from 50 to
110 calories. That's a pretty big difference! Plus, there is no serving size you
can actually order that contains just one half-cup serving -- the small size
has 1.5 servings, medium has 2.3 servings, and large has 3.8 servings. So
keep all that in mind when ordering at Pinkberry -- and DO THE MATH!!!

Now some general frozen yogurt tips...

1. Size matters. A 6-oz. cup can hold a LOT more than 6 ounces. They
ALWAYS swirl more on top! Ask them to weigh it for you. Or just make an
educated guess based on how high your fro yo is towering over the top of
the cup.

2. The stats don't include toppings. (You know this!) Even fruit adds calories,
so keep that in mind when tallying.

3. Some of these places offer a slew of flavors but only display stats for the
plain/base variety. So ask questions or do some research. Tasti D-Lite
provides nutritionals for all of its flavors online. (Click here to see 'em.)

Hope this helps! Enjoy your chilly treats :)

Hungry Girl,

I have been a subscriber since 2004 and have noticed that people seem to
be copying you (or attempting to copy you) left and right. I'm sure lots of
your subscribers have noticed it, too. How does this make you feel? It always
bothers me when I see this happen, and I tell everyone that it's just an HG

Accepting No Substitutes

Dear Accepting,

Wow. Good question. And it's one that I have wanted to address for a long
time. First of all, my parents always told me that imitation is the sincerest
form of flattery, and I think that's true. Hungry Girl has been very successful,
and so people want to piggyback on it, copy it, steal it -- whatever. Whether
it's a boring new "healthy cooking" TV show on some cable network, a book,
or some other daily web content/email service ripping off our secret
ingredients, tips, recipes and even our "voice" -- people emulate what's
popular. There's no way around that. The good news is, the more HG
copycats that are out there, the more people will be thinking about
maintaining a healthy weight, making lifestyle improvements, and making
smarter food choices. And THAT'S really what matters here. I do think some
of the blatant rip-offs could be a little more original and creative, though.
They're usually kind of dull, no? Thanks for being such a loyal HGer -- YOU

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