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Hungry Girl Today: 6.17.09


Dear HG,

I love you and your recipes so much. I have some Qs about HG. How many
people are on your staff? What are your offices like? Where do you get ideas
for recipes? And can all the recipes in your books be found online?

Soooo Curious

Dear Soooo Curious,

All good questions... and ones that are asked often. For starters, there are
currently eight people, including myself, who work for HG full time (most in
Los Angeles; one on the East Coast), and there are also a few freelancers. If
you want to get an up-close-and-personal look at all of the HG staffers, click
here to check out a super-fun video we put together. Really -- click and
check it out! (It took a while to make, and it's really cute!) Our offices are
VERY fun, adorable, and filled with food -- click here for pics! As for recipe
ideas -- well, they come from MANY different places. We have programming
meetings where we brainstorm, and sometimes we get ideas from
subscribers (keep those coming!). We also get ideas from watching TV
commercials and seeing new stuff that's out at fast-food and chain
restaurants. Pretty much ANYTHING can inspire an HG recipe. As for whether
or not all the book recipes are online -- the first two HG books contain lots of
brand-new recipes, which haven't run on the website, and also HG classics,
which have been featured in past emails. So there is some overlap, but there
are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes, in an HG email, we'll feature an
exclusive recipe from one of the books (like we did last week with the
Double-Trouble Chocolate Trifle!), and we just may release some classics-
only collections in the future. As I said, there are no real rules about how it
all works. Thanks so much for your email -- I'm really glad you love the
recipes! And remember to watch the "Meet the Hungry Girl Staff" video by
clicking here, and let me know how you like it! Happy viewing...

Dear Hungry Girl,

What do you think are the biggest mistakes people make when dieting? Are
there any secrets? I keep losing and gaining the same 20 lbs. Ugh!

Diet Diva

Dear DD,

There are many mistakes people tend to make when dieting. I'm going to list
some of the biggies. And remember, this is just my opinion.

1. Following fad diets. I'm not a fan of fad diets. They don't teach you how to
eat in a way you can live with forever. Sure, if you follow a set plan for a
limited time, you can lose weight. The hard part is maintaining that weight
loss in the long term. If you try to stick with the fad diet's style of eating, it's
very likely you'll eventually give up or get bored. If you go back to your old
eating habits, you regain the weight. This is a huge problem and the reason
why I don't recommend fad dieting.

2. Skipping meals. If you skip meals you'll only end up hungrier and more
likely to eat too much and/or the wrong thing. It's that simple. Eat breakfast.
Eat lunch. And eat dinner!

3. Drinking calories. Sheesh! Drinking your calories is a WASTE... really. It's
much more satisfying to chew food than it is to drink stuff. Having a low-
calorie liquid swap is fine -- like treating yourself to one of our Swappuccinos
or a diet hot cocoa when you're craving the real thing. But it's too easy to sip
an extra 300 - 500 calories a day if you drink calorie-packed beverages.
Avoid those and stick with water for the most part.

4. Living in denial. Don't pretend there are no calories in condiments, that a
salad is healthy and diet-friendly no matter what, and that food you eat while
standing (or on an airplane, etc., etc.) doesn't count. It ALL counts!

5. Not reading labels. READ LABELS, people! And read them CAREFULLY.
Take note of serving sizes and servings per package. This is KEY.

There you have it... those are five mistakes that are very common. And no,
there are no real secrets to dieting -- except that you need to find a way to
eat that'll work for you FOREVER. That's the one thing people tend to forget --
the forever factor. Thanks for the email!

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Today, June 17th, is Eat All Your Veggies Day. So, um, EAT ALL YOUR
VEGGIES. We'll be chomping on bags of broccoli cole slaw to celebrate. Yum!

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