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Hungry Girl Today: 8.12.09


Dear HG,

What is the difference between Cool Whip Free and Fat Free Reddi-wip? Are
they interchangeable? Break it down for me, Hungry Girl!

Whipped Up Over Whipped Cream

Dear Whipped Up,

GREAT Q. I LOOOOVE whipped cream. Truly. L.O.V.E. In fact, I'm a little
obsessed with it, so this question is perfect for me. The short answer is NO --
they are not interchangeable, for the most part. Fat Free Reddi-wip comes in
a squirt can, contains actual dairy, and is best as a topping on desserts,
shakes, and other items that are going to be consumed immediately. A 2-
tbsp. serving has just FIVE calories. Cool Whip Free, on the other hand,
comes frozen in a tub. (Some Cool Whip varieties now come in aerosol cans,
but not CWF.) As a basic dessert topping, it's not quite as delicious as Reddi-
wip -- but it is a WAY better multitasker. It's a fantastic ingredient for
recipes -- in pie-like fillings, custards, and mousse mixtures; as a creamy
layer in desserts; frozen as a straight ice cream swap (for low-cal
floats!); and so much more. Unlike Reddi-wip, it doesn't melt or droop
immediately after being exposed to air. (I'm not sure if this is a good thing or
completely frightening.) Cool Whip Free has 15 calories per 2-tbsp. serving.
For more on this subject, you NEED to check out one of my favorite HG
emails ever -- a "Food Fight" that ran a while back, in which these two
products went head-to-head. Click here to read it. Whipped cream RULES!

Dear Hungry Girl,

You always tell us about foods you love. Are there any guilt-free foods you
DON'T like and/or think are a waste of money? If so, spill it...

Curious in Canoga Park

Dear Curious,

There are certain low-cal and low-fat foods I don't like, sure! I'm not into diet
root beer, most mint-flavored items (not worth the calories), or sugar-free
chocolate syrup (it's okay in some recipes, but not as a topping). As for
specifics? I don't want to be mean, so I'll just give a couple of subtle hints.
I'm not a fan of the zero-calorie foods put out by a certain company that
rhymes with Malden Parms, and I DO NOT like those over-publicized soy
bars (they bring me no joy!). There you have it. The stuff I do not enjoy. For
more dish on this, and to see what HGers aren't loving in the guilt-free-food
world, click here and check out our Facebook page -- then become a fan and
tell everyone which no-guilt foods YOU despise!

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