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Hungry Girl Today: 8.19.09


Dear HG,

What is imitation crabmeat really made of, and does it taste just like the real
thing? Is it a good low-fat protein? What do you do with it?

Real Curious 'bout Fake Crab

Dear Real Curious,

Imitation crab is made of minced pollock (a mild white fish) that's blended
with many other ingredients -- things like sugar, sorbitol, wheat, egg whites,
are often used to mimic crab's natural texture. Flavors extracted from real
crab are often used to make it taste more authentic. Imitation crab tastes
similar to real crab, but I think they each have their own thing going on, and
I like them both. Fake crab is a little sweeter and less fishy, with a firmer
texture. A 3-oz. serving (about half a cup) of imitation crab has around 80
calories, 1g fat, 10g carbs, and 8g protein (POINTS® value 2*). A 3-oz.
serving of real crab contains around the same amount of calories and fat, but
it has more protein (14g per 3-oz. serving) and no carbs. As you can see,
both are low in fat and calories and high in protein. (FYI, they're both pretty
high in sodium.) Of course, imitation crab is a lot cheaper and more
convenient than real crab. As for what to do with it, the easiest way to use
imitation crab is in salads. Just be sure to use light or fat-free mayo if you're
making a crab salad. You can also use imitation crab to make crab cakes,
wraps and burritos, egg-white scrambles, and more. And it's pretty good
eaten straight as a protein-packed snack. Click here for three crab-ulous HG
recipes, and try them with fake crab. The sky's the limit when it comes to
this copycat crustacean, so go for it!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I have seen pics of your cute HG tour t-shirts, but I don't remember seeing
them for sale or as giveaways in the emails. Can I buy one? If not, how can
I get one??

Wanting a Tee

Dear Wanting,

Those t-shirts are not for sale and never have been. They were made in
limited quantity specifically for the "200 Under 200 Tour." But I have been
giving them away A LOT on Twitter and Facebook. So if you become a
Hungry Girl Facebook fan, or start to follow me on Twitter, you'll have
chances to win them. I tend to post a lot of quick Qs asking people for their
opinions on things, and I sometimes give those t-shirts away to people who
chime in. It's also not uncommon for me to ask people on Facebook or
Twitter to review 200 Under 200 over at Amazon (something everyone
should do anyhow!) -- sometimes I'll give tees away to people who write
reviews. Anyhow, the long answer is, follow me on Twitter and join the HG
Facebook fun, and you could win stuff (like those shirts). The short answer
for you is, I'M SENDING YOU A SHIRT. Congrats! BTW, if you want to
purchase HG goodies (like a very cute "Just Chew It" tee or an adorable 3-in-
1 tote bag), click here and visit our store. Thanks for emailing!

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attention to our So-Cool-They're-HOT Couples! (They love each other, and
we love to eat them.)

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