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Hungry Girl Today: 10.5.09

Spotted on Shelves...

Lean Pockets Breakfast Quesadilla - Morning quesadillas are all the rage! And
Lean Pockets has officially jumped on the bandwagon with its new, pod-like,
portable breakfast sandwich. It's stuffed with Southwest-style sausage, egg,
and cheese but NOT with a crazy amount of calories. Each "pocket" has 250
calories, 8g fat, 33g carbs, 1g fiber, and 11g protein (POINTS® value 5*).

Wheat Thins Flatbread - We like crackers as much as the next human but
can't be trusted around an open box of bite-sized ones. These extra-large,
30-calorie crisps make portions WAY easier to pay attention to. In Garlic &
Parsley and Tuscan Herb, chomp on two Flatbreads for 60 calories, 1.5g fat,
12g carbs, <1g fiber, and 1g protein (POINTS® value 1*). Well played,
Wheat Thins!

Gardein Santa Fe Chick'n Good Stuff - These refrigerated, nukeable, veggie
& grain cutlets are SO good, even meat-lovers will become obsessed
with 'em. They're crammed with corn & black beans and smothered with a
deliciously spiced tomato sauce. AND THEY TASTE LIKE CHICKEN! Each one
clocks in at 160 calories, 5g fat, 9g carbs, 3g fiber, and 19g protein
(POINTS® value 3*). One note to the Gardein people, though: The
phrase "ancient grain ingredients" had us nervously checking the expiration
date. (Pssst... Trader Joe's has its own nearly identical Chicken-less Stuffed

Bitty Bites...

Foods of the Future
Most of us thought that we'd be driving flying cars by now, but don't fret -- at
least there've been all kinds of wacky advances made in the world of food.
To name a few? Well, a 27-year-old inventor has created a contraption that
allows one to (not even joking) grow their own meat. We're 100% impressed
and about 90% grossed out. Next, a biotech company, already in
development of an appetite-suppressing gum, has revealed plans for a new
chewy confection: stress-suppressing gum. Again, WHOA. Finally, we have a
British creation: the Hotcan. This line of portable meals features canisters
that HEAT YOUR FOOD all by themselves! Very cool. Now WHERE are our
flying cars?!

In slightly more useful food developments, there are OODLES of edible items
we love that are finally rolling out nationwide. TRUwhip, the all-natural
whipped topping, is now popping up in freezer aisles across America.
Starbucks VIA Ready Brew (a.k.a. the best instant coffee EVER) is now
available in all SB locations, as well as Target, Costco, some United Airlines
flights, and more. Lastly, the long-awaited, lightened-up Italian
Mediterranean Menu items are now available at Macaroni Grills all around the
country. YAY!!!

Calorie Explosion in the U.S.!
Calorie alert! Since 1970, the average daily calorie consumption per
American has increased by more than 600 calories, jumping from 2,172 to
2,775. Even worse, almost half of that increase can be attributed to one
thing: OIL. AAHHHH! Click here to view the graphs and charts that back up
this info as well as a ton of other history tidbits regarding calorie intake --
and then go hug a can of Pam, willya?

The Buzz...

Dessert Hummus: fact or fiction? FACT! The Original Crazy Camel Dessert
Hummus All Purpose Dipper & Spread has half the fat of regular hummus
and comes in fun flavors like Pumpkin Pie (our favorite!) and Chocolate
Mousse. YES, it's made with actual garbanzo beans AND it's sweet and
desserty. Click here for more on that. ***Looking for a way to get lots of
antioxidants without pounding acai elixir and other hard-to-pronounce
concoctions? Recent findings out of the University of Scranton suggest that a
bowl of popcorn, breakfast cereal, or whole-grain crackers can deliver a
good dose of disease-fighting antioxidants as well. But don't use that as an
excuse to carbo-load, people -- fruits and veggies work, too! ***It's time to
play... WHEEL! OF! LUNCH! Can't decide where to eat? Enter your zip code
into this cool site, and it'll fill the spinnable wheel with restaurants in your
area along with links to customer reviews and everything. The only uncool
thing about it? The "skip lunch" option. Ignore that one. *** Hit the yoga mat
much? Good news, Bendy! That downward dog pose could be keeping you
from mindlessly munching throughout the day. Recent studies show that
there's a strong link between yoga practice and attentive eating habits, one
not found with other forms of exercise. Read more about that here.
***Pssst... HG's Lisa is back on Rachael Ray this coming Wednesday (10/7),
so check local listings and tune in! That's all we've got. HG out!

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