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Hungry Girl Today: 10.22.09

Time to have a side of FUN with your food. Here are some of the COOLEST
kitchen toys, tools, and gadgetry worth trying...

Magic Bullet Platinum Pro

This premium version of the original mini-blender is 40% stronger than its
predecessor, making it SUPER-POWERFUL. It can pulverize everything from
ice to Fiber One cereal. Seriously, this is worth the investment. If ours can
stand up to all the crushing and grinding we put it through at the HG HQ, it'll
work fine in your kitchen! Plus, it comes with a SLEW of fun and useful
accessories: tall and short cups, shakers, steamers, and even a full-sized
blender attachment for making big blended batches! GO, MAGIC BULLET

Prepara Herb-Savor

Doesn't it seem like fresh herbs always go bad SECONDS after you put them
into your fridge? This cool little container is built to extend the life of your
dainty greens so they'll last as long as possible. Put the stems in the stem
holes and water in the water compartment, snap it all together, and store it
conveniently in the door of your fridge. It's super-easy. (Don't believe us?
Watch the little video here.) As big enthusiasts of fresh basil (it makes
practically everything taste better), we're super-psyched about this. P.S. It
also works on ASPARAGUS.

Animal House Kitchen Gadgets

Not only are these some of the cutest and most fun kitchen tools around, but
they're also reasonably priced and available at Target. Fantastic! And if by
some chance there isn't a Target near you (we hear ya, Vermont!), or your
local store doesn't carry your favorite li'l creature-shaped utensil, you can
just order them online through Target's website. Because we should ALL be
able to own a porcupine-shaped scrubber. (FYI: Even though the site says
several varieties are only sold online, we've seen a bunch of those on the
shelves at Target.)

Norpro Grip-EZ Aqua Scoop

Here's an idea: Instead of wrestling with your hard-as-a-rock ice cream or
putting it in the microwave to soften it up (both of which happen here a LOT),
shell out a few bucks for one of these. Just pour warm water into the handle,
and the scoop should slide through your frozen dessert like (low-fat) butter.
Then you can just EAT your ice cream instead of arm-wrestling with it. P.S.
Check out all the cute colors it comes in!

KitchenAid Cook for the Cure Digital Timer

This is the actual timer we use every day in the HG kitchen (given to us by
our buddy Debbie). We love that it is portable and pink, can be set for many
hours (great for slow-cooker recipes!), and is very loud (there's NO ignoring
this timer!). We also love that 10% of the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen
for the Cure. Now THAT is money well spent.

Bodybugg Calorie Management System

We can't lie -- this one's an investment. But it is WORTH IT. Allow us to
elaborate... If you want to know exactly how many calories you should be
eating, knowing how many you're burning can be invaluable. This upper-arm-
worn contraption tracks how many calories you burn each day AND allows
you to track and compare online how many calories you're taking in. Its
space-age sensors boast over 90% accuracy. This is a REALLY good tool for
anyone who needs a little help with weight-loss and/or weight-management.
We're pretty obsessed with these here at the HG HQ!

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Today, October 22nd, is National Nut Day. Go out, find your favorite kook,
and give said "nut" a hug. Or, um, just locate a 100-calorie bag of almonds
and enjoy.

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