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Hungry Girl Today: 12.2.09


Dear HG,

A while back, I saw you on a TV show -- maybe it was The View -- with some

Buffalo wings that you made with cereal, hot sauce, and fat-free BBQ chips.

My Qs are... 1. Can I have this recipe? And 2. Are there specific brands of

hot sauce and chips you like to use?

Wingin' It

Dear Wingin' It,

Hi! Yes, that was The View. And I did have my H-O-T Hot Boneless Buffalo

Wings with me, and YES, they are made with cereal (Fiber One, the original

kind), hot sauce, and fat-free potato chips. The recipe can be found online

here. It's also in the book Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 and in our brand-new

recipe card set, Hungry Girl Chew the Right Thing: Supreme Makeovers for

50 Foods You Crave (an AWESOME holiday gift, on sale 12/8, that you can

pre-order now!). As for the hot sauce, yes, I absolutely DO have a favorite.

It's Frank's RedHot (Original), the best hot sauce on the planet. It can make

anything taste like Buffalo wings. I feel sure that if you cut up your tennis

shoes, dipped 'em in Frank's, and baked them, they'd taste like wings. I'm

not suggesting you do it, just making a point. (You know this, right?) When it

comes to the fat-free chips, I use Pringles Light Barbecue. But here's a little

trick I've discovered: Barbeque Popchips are AMAZING in this recipe.

They're not fat-free, but totally worth the extra 2 grams of fat they add to

each serving of the recipe. To see me make these very wings, click here and

watch an all-new video! Wow, so many things to click on: the wings recipe,

the snazzy recipe cards, the new video... Enjoy!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I have two questions for you. What happens when I accidentally delete an

email? And how can I search for a recipe on your site? Thanks! Love what

you do!


Dear Recipe-Eraser,

I get both of these questions about 30 times a week, and even though I keep

answering 'em, they keep coming in again over and over and over. (There

are lots of brand-new HG subscribers. WELCOME!) Anyway, I'm more than

happy to address them again! If you delete an email, or somehow misplace

it, do not worry. Each and every HG daily email we send is archived at

hungry-girl.com forever and ever. Starting with our very first email up until

TODAY'S email, they are all there. I have to warn you though... once you

start reading, it may be hard to stop (recipes! food finds! shockers! ahhh!!!),

so don't start clicking around unless you have a bunch of free time. As far as

searching the site is concerned, you can do this by looking up keywords. Just

go to the search bar in the top right corner of the homepage (above the

SIGN UP NOW button), and enter any word or phrase you are looking for.

(Less is more, and spelling definitely counts.) When all else fails, you can

also just head over to Google and type in "Hungry Girl" followed by whatever

it is you're looking for. Have fun!!!

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