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Hungry Girl Today: 12.14.09

Spotted on Shelves...

Pillsbury Grands! Homestyle Golden Wheat Reduced Fat Biscuits - This new
reduced-fat refrigerated dough has more fiber than most. Plus, the biscuits
bake up huge. (Hello? They're called "Grands!") Each one has 170 calories,
5g fat, 580mg sodium, 29g carbs, 2g fiber, 5g sugars, and 3g protein
(POINTS® value 3*). Mmmmm, dough...

Power of Fruit Bars - "No added sugar, color or preservatives. None. Zero.
Zilch." That's a quote straight from the ingredient list of these all-natural
frozen treats. In Original (All-Fruit), Tropical, and Banana Berry, each "bar"
(more like a tube -- think Otter Pops) has 27 - 30 calories, 0.11 - 0.12g fat,
0.66 - 1.75mg sodium, 6.5 - 7.7g carbs, 0.7 - 1g fiber, 3.8 - 6g sugars, and
0.3 - 0.36g protein (POINTS® value 0*). They're sold in select supermarkets
and health food stores nationwide, and THEY'RE AWESOME.

Caring Candies Sugar Free Candy Canes - If you're a sugar-avoider who
loves candy canes, here's an alternative that is sugar-free, is naturally
sweetened (with sugar alcohol made from beets), and uses natural sources
for coloring. Each CUTE 'n fruity candy cane is fat-free with only 60 calories,
0mg sodium, 15g carbs, 0g fiber, and 0g protein (POINTS® value 1*). Order
online or find them at select stores in the Northeast. Christmas is saved!

Bitty Bites!

Vitaminwater10... Minus 10
We were (and still are) pretty flabbergasted by the announcement that next
year, Glaceau will take those ten little calories out of the drink we already
love and reformulate it into Vitaminwater Zero. This better be good, because
we're big V10 fans. All current V10 flavors except one will get the makeover -
- Energy Tropical Citrus will be nixed. (At least it won't be the Multi-V
Lemonade... Whew!) We'll keep an open mind 'til we taste the new stuff, but
our standards are pretty high. Impress us, Glaceau!

E-Cards = Free-Meals
Kraft Foods is putting its money where many mouths are this holiday season.
All YOU have to do is click here to send free holiday e-cards from American
Greetings to your friends and family. For EACH card sent by the end of '09,
Kraft Foods will donate enough money for ten meals to Feeding America. The
goal? One million meals! Let's do it, humans!!!

Stock Up, You Busy Bee!
Check out the Manager's Special over on Amazon to get some GREAT
DEALS! Guests coming for the holidays? Fill your pantry with breakfast foods,
coffee, and tea for those cold winter mornings. Plus, guilt-free snacks will
keep people out of your hair 'til mealtime... and help keep YOU from
snapping! Click here for 25% or more off 100-calorie packs, and check out
all the deals RIGHT HERE!

The Buzz...

Time for a new HG video! Check out this awesome commercial we made in
celebration of our new recipe card set (the PERFECT holiday gift). Yay!
***Does carb-cutting leave you crabby? There may be a scientific reason for
it. Researchers in Australia found that people on low-fat diets were less
depressed and/or angry after a year than those on low-carb, Atkins-style
diets. Whoa! ***New info says that eating too fast can actually block the
hormones that let you know you're full. So SLOW DOWN, Chompy! ***Best
idea ever or silliest one yet? You decide: The TrekDesk fits OVER your
treadmill, allowing you to work and walk at the same time. Multi-taskers
might embrace this, but we can see slackers and/or true exercise junkies
cringing at the thought. Either way, it's mighty pricey, especially considering
the treadmill is NOT included. ***A recent study found that people who
cycled in sync with music were more efficient, needing 7% less oxygen than
those who just biked while background music played. So, pump up the jam!
(But do it quickly, because we need to get that last sentence back to 1993.)
***Are you confused by the ongoing debate about which types of fish are
safe to eat, are over-farmed, have health benefits, or are going extinct?
Consult this list of the best seafood for you AND the environment. DO IT.
Oops, we're out of room. And, um, that's all we've got. HG out!

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***Today's email is dedicated to Cookie, a much-loved friend and family
member of Hungry Girl's. Cookie was the cutest, sweetest, most special
bunny in the world and lived ten wonderful years. Her appetite was as HUGE
as mine, and her favorite foods were canned pumpkin and blueberries. If
you like pumpkin, enjoy some today and think of Cookie. She will be
missed. -- Lisa

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