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Hungry Girl Today: 12.23.09


Dear HG Subscribers,

Since this is the LAST "Ask Hungry Girl" of 2009 (and of the decade!), I've
decided to answer some of the most-asked Qs! So here they are, in no
particular order...

1. Do you get paid to mention products in the editorial content of the daily

Noooo. We absolutely do not accept money (or favors, or free snacks...) in
exchange for editorial coverage, i.e. the bulk of the daily emails. We do run
ads in the form of "Side Dish" emails and "Guilt Free Groceries," but those
are always clearly marked. Regardless, I ONLY write about and recommend
products I truly like. (I've turned down many would-be advertisers because I
didn't like the products.) So anything you see in our emails -- whether it's an
ad or editorial content -- is HG-approved. 100%.

2. Do you really drink FRS all the time?

Yes. I use the Orange Low Cal Concentrate daily. Am I aware of the fact that
the FRS people like to push their AutoShip option and it's easy to get sucked
into that accidentally? YES. And I don't love that at all. My advice? As with
any online purchase, read everything carefully before you order. And DO
NOT sign up for AutoShip unless you really want it. That being said, I LOVE
FRS Low Cal Concentrate and make a drink with it every morning. Give it a

3. Am I the only one who just can't get into the texture of Tofu Shirataki?

A LOT of people don't love those noodles. But TONS of people do. I love that
super-low-cal pasta swap and eat it all the time. It works best in soups, stir-
frys, and creamy sauces, and the noodles need to be rinsed and dried VERY
well. (Click here for more Tofu Shirataki advice.) I know it's a little "chewy,"
but it has just 20 calories a serving and, if prepared right, tastes like real
pasta. AMAZING!!!

4. Are you ever going to do a Hungry Girl TV show?

Maybe! I have been exploring TV options for a while. I like the idea of it, and
maybe one day a Hungry Girl TV show will be playing in your living room.
That would be pretty cool! There are no definite plans in place right now,
though, so keep reading the emails for updates!

5. Is that the HG cartoon character I see in the show open of iCarly?

Yes, it is! iCarly is my favorite show... but not because HG is in the opening
credits (and not because I made a brief appearance in iCarly Goes to
Japan) -- because it's insanely funny!

Thanks, and Happy New Year! But before I go, I'll answer one more Q

Dear HG,

Have any money-saving tips for me? I'm trying to cut back on food spending
this time of year, as I am sure many people are. What'cha got?

Thrifty Kate


Gotta be honest, I'm not always the best at saving money on food. (I splurge
on food spending the way some people splurge on spa treatments.) But my
preferred method is simple: When I want to save, I look for deals and buy
what's on sale. Easy, right? Okay, for more cost-cutting tips, I turned to my
new pal Dawn Welch. She's the author of Dollars to Donuts, a new book that
has lots of delicious, budget-friendly recipes (many of which can be tweaked
to save tons of calories and fat!) and other money-saving ideas. Here are a
few quick suggestions she offers...

1. Eat at home this time of year. It's ALWAYS cheaper. Plus, she reminds
us, "You can control what goes into each dish. . . [and] how much oil is
used." Excellent point.

2. Make your own spice blends. It's much cheaper than buying the pre-made
ones. Another good point, but I recommend Googling that a bit first, so you
know what goes into each one -- or try out a couple from Dawn's book
(mmmmm, Tex-Mex rub).

3. Buy fresh fruit and veggies at warehouse stores. In other words, in bulk.
Use what you need and freeze the rest. We do this ALL the time at the HG
HQ. Good advice, DW!

For more tips on saving cash when it comes to food, read this HG piece over
on Yahoo and check out Dawn's book, Dollars to Donuts. And now, oddly, I'm
craving donuts...

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This Saturday, December 26th, is National Candy Cane Day, and next
Monday, December 28th, is National Chocolate Day. We recommend stocking
up on Candy Cane Tootsie Pops to prepare for both holidays!

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