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Hungry Girl Today: 2.17.10


Dear Hungry Girl,

I LOVE crème brûlée but try not to eat it too often... Can you tell me some
ways I can satisfy my craving for the stuff without taking in a ridiculous
amount of calories?

Brûlée Babe

Dear Brûlée Babe,

For those of you not in the know, crème brûlée is an incredibly rich and
delicious caramel custard, usually made almost entirely of egg yolks, sugar,
and heavy cream. I remember one time my mother-in-law (who makes the
best crème brûlée I have EVER tasted!) came to visit and made her crème
brûlée... and I stood over her like a lunatic with a calculator and figured out
that the entire thing had THOUSANDS of calories! I forced her to break it into
16 itty-bitty servings, and even one of THOSE had over 300 calories and
dozens of fat grams. Sad times. I still ate it, of course, but I wouldn't do so
on a regular basis. So, for the CB-lovers out there, here are some other

1. Try our amazing 104-Calorie Crème Brûlée recipe, made with help from
our pal Debbie, the crème brûlée queen. It's REALLY good, so click HERE for
the recipe!

2. Jell-O has a couple of creamy, caramel-y, 60-calorie treats. There are the
Sugar Free Pudding Snacks in Dulce De Leche and the Mousse Temptations
in Caramel Crème. AWESOME! (BTW, Jell-O does make a 70-calorie Crème
Brulée Rice Pudding Snack, but we prefer the brand's rice-free pudding.)

3. Check out Quaker's new True Delights Vanilla Crème Brulee Quakes. If
you're up for a double dose of CB, crush up some of these 60-calories-a-
serving rice snacks, and stir 'em into one of those mousse or pudding
snacks. Or just dip 'em in and chomp away -- it's like crème brûlée fondue!

WOOHOO!!! Enjoy!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I have heard SO MUCH about your famous supermarket list, but I can't seem
to find it on your site. Can you send it to me?

Market Maven

Dear Market Maven,

I can do better than that... I'll link to our checklist-style PDF so you (and
everyone else reading this right now) can print it and take it to the
supermarket. Just click HERE to download it, or HERE to view the list on our
site. The list ROCKS -- we're constantly updating and improving it. And while
it doesn't include every single item on the planet that we love, it's a pretty
darn comprehensive collection of AMAZINGLY AWESOME guilt-free items. So
click, print, and enjoy! BTW, you may or may not already know this, but
hungry-girl.com is an archive of all our daily emails. If you have some free
time, go there and click around to see what you may have missed over the
past six years or so. (For more on searching the HG site, click here.) Have

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