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Hungry Girl Today: 2.15.10

Spotted on Shelves...

Quaker True Delights Quakes Rice Snacks, Vanilla Crème Brulee - Crunchy
snacks that taste like crème brĂ»lée?! YUP! And they're DELICIOUS! A serving
of 8 mini cakes has 60 calories, 0g fat, 100mg sodium, 13g carbs, 0g fiber,
4g sugars, and 0g protein (POINTS® value 1*). Find. These. Now.

Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds - The 100-cal bun market widens yet again!
This is another very respectable and great-tasting option in the thin 'n
circular sandwich roll category. These "rounds" come in 100% Whole Wheat
and Healthy Multi-Grain, and each has 100 calories, 1g fat, 180 - 190mg
sodium, 21g carbs, 5g fiber, 2g sugars, and 5g protein (POINTS® value 1*).
Let's hear it for 100-calorie sandwich starters! YAY!

New Flavors! Trop50 - Last year, we went NUTS over the original Trop50, a
great-tasting orange juice drink with half the calories of regular OJ. So we
were PUMPED when TWO new flavors recently popped up. May we
introduce... drumroll, please... Pomegranate Blueberry and Pineapple Mango!
A cup of either has a scant 50 calories, 0g fat, 10mg sodium, 14g carbs, 0g
fiber, 11g sugars, and 0g protein (POINTS® value 1*). YUM! BTW, click here
to learn about Tropicana's rainforest-rescuing Juicy Rewards program.

Serving Size Solution? F.D.A. Steps Up to the Plate

Three cheers for the Food and Drug Administration. According to The New
York Times, the F.D.A. is FINALLY addressing an issue we've been yapping
about for ages -- the fact that the serving sizes provided on packaged foods
are NOT realistic. Many people don't realize that the "serving size" on the
nutritional info panel is generally MUCH smaller than what they serve
themselves. Example: A serving of ice cream is typically listed as 1/2 cup,
but many people are likely to eat a full cup at a time. So while the carton
might say 160 calories and 6g fat, the reality could be closer to 320 cals and
12g fat. And sure, savvy HGers probably know all this, but the rest of the
U.S. should know it, too. Officials are noting one potential problem: Would
larger serving sizes on labels encourage people to eat more? A valid point,
but we still think it's a worthy alternative to the current situation. What do
YOU think?

Small Cravings at CPK = Big Excitement at HG

Looking for a better way to feed your appetite at California Pizza Kitchen?
Check out the new Small Cravings menu! Same great food, just less of it per
order. Bonus: Each item only costs about $4 - $7! Most of the Small Cravings
choices have under 400 calories and 6g saturated fat or less each. We're
giving you the most guilt-free of the bunch below, but you can see all the
options by clicking here. BTW, while CPK doesn't list total fat stats, we're
kinda whizzes with the math -- thus the fat counts below. (FYI, the squiggle
means "approximately.")

Asparagus & Arugula Salad - With sun-dried tomatoes, vinaigrette dressing,
Parmesan shavings, and almonds. YUM! (173 calories, ~13g fat, 2g fiber --
POINTS® value ~4*)

The Wedge Salad - It's got blue cheese dressing, bacon, tomatoes, and
chopped egg. Classic. (280 calories, ~26g fat, 1g fiber -- POINTS® value

Mediterranean Plate - Greek salad, feta cheese, hummus, and pita bread.
Mmmm! (398 calories, ~25g fat, 3g fiber -- POINTS® value ~9*)

White Corn Guacamole & Chips - Avocado, sweet corn, black beans, jicama,
and more, with blue & white corn tortilla chips. Wowsers. (362 calories, ~16g
fat, 7g fiber -- POINTS® value ~8*)

The Buzz...

Another merger of things we love: Quaker Chewy Granola Bars and iCarly
(HG's favorite TV show). Check out the brand-new Quaker Chewy
Afterschool Rocks website for info on post-school-day healthy snacking for
the kiddies. Then enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a private
performance by Nickelodeon star and pop singer Miranda Cosgrove for a
lucky tween in your life (and all of their pals)! You could also win (what else?)
loads of Quaker Chewy Bars. P.S. Click here to see our pint-sized pal Piper
interview Miranda! ***Who says you can't teach an old candy new tricks? Did
you know that Necco Wafers are now all-natural? They're flavored and
colored with only natural ingredients. Candy dyed with purple cabbage?!
Crazy! ***More sweet news, this time from Bonefish Grill! Enter
the "February Is For Food Lovers" sweepstakes by 2/28, and you could win
an assortment of chocolates, a YEAR's worth of chocolate, or a TRIP TO
PARIS... and some chocolates. Twelve months of chocolate sounds a little
risky, so we're crossing our fingers for a trip to the Louvre. And if you visit B-
fish Grill, you MUST try the warm mango salsa. YUMMMMM! ***The way
Americans eat is changing! More people ARE eating at home... but not
necessarily cooking their meals. Microwave usage has increased in recent
years, according to The NPD Group. Are YOU a super-nuker? That's all we've
got. HG out!

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Today, February 15th, is Presidents Day. But it's ALSO National Gumdrop
Day! Celebrate that second one with sugar-free gumdrops... but watch those

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