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Hungry Girl Today: 2.24.10


Dear HG,

I bought a bottle of that Torani Sugar Free Syrup -- the vanilla kind -- for
one of your recipes: the Cravin' Cap'n Crunch Shake. The shake was
awesome, but what else can I do with the syrup?

Seeking Syrup Suggestions

Dear Seeking,

Mmmmm, I love that shake! There are LOTS of things you can do with that
SF vanilla syrup. (For those who don't know, it's an amazing product with
zero calories per serving that can be bought online and found at select
stores.) It's a fantastic ingredient for cocktails, coffee drinks, and more. Here
are some of my favorite things to make with it:

1. Cocktails. For the 21+ HGers... Add some to mixed drinks of all kinds for
sweet vanilla flavor. Try it in our Orange Creamsicle Martini and Kickin' Key
Lime Pie Martini. (And if you own the first HG cookbook, check out the
Wicked Good White Russian on page 251.)

2. Blended Beverages. It's good in fruit smoothies, milkshakes, and frozen
coffee-shop swaps. If you don't feel like experimenting, whip up our
Vanillalicious Cafe Freeze, Green Tea Crème Swappuccino, and Freakishly
Good Frozen Hot Chocolate. And if you've got a copy of 200 Under 200,
check out the Key Lime Pie Shake and the Vanilla-Thrilla Coffee Float.

3. Hot Drinks. Add a splash to some low-cal hot chocolate (made with a 25-
calorie hot cocoa packet, like the kind by Swiss Miss), your morning cup of
coffee, or even your hot tea -- it's great with chai, too.

4. Breakfast Foods & Creamy Snacks. You can cook with it! Add a little to
your Egg Beaters before making French toast, and you'll have a vanilla-
infused breakfast. Yum! Stir some into yogurt, cottage cheese, and even
oatmeal -- it'll add sweetness and flavor. You can even drizzle a small
amount over fruit or ice cream. Get creative...

By the way, if you're looking for things to do with the rest of that Cap'n
Crunch cereal, make some Planet Hungrywood Sweet & Cap'n Crunchy
Chicken. SOOO GOOOD!!!

Hi, Hungry Girl!

So, I'm a hungry mom who LOVES your recipes. But I usually don't have
time to make one thing for myself and then something else for my husband
and kids. What are some of your best multi-serving recipes? Preferably ones
that picky eaters will enjoy. Thanks for everything!

Cookin' for Four

Dear Cookin' for Four,

I've got a bunch of GREAT recipes for you and your family. These are some
of my favorites because NO ONE (not even your husband!) will suspect
they're guilt-free.

Exploding Chicken Taquitos - Awesome at home and also great for parties!

Do the Cabbage Pack! - This 4-serving side dish is so bacon-y and delicious,
it'll change the way your kids feel about cabbage.

Too-EZ Mac 'n Cheese - Another great recipe that serves four... and it only
has THREE ingredients! (Salt and pepper don't count.)

EZ Tomato Basil Chicken - One more three-ingredient recipe for you. So
simple and SO delicious!

Cheesy Butternut Bake - A fantastic swap for cheesy mashed potatoes. (P.S.
Scroll down for another good side dish!)

Ginormous Oven-Baked Omelette - Here's a fantastic breakfast recipe you
can whip up the night before and reheat. Convenient!

Slow-Cookin' Pulled Chicken, Pump-Up-the-Jam Cocktail Weenies, and Glaze
of Glory Candied Carrots - Three slow-cooker recipes for your chewing
enjoyment. Bonus? Leftovers!

Floosh's Stuffed Cabbage - This is sweet and saucy family food. I know
because it's a remake of my mom's recipe. (Thanks, Mom!)

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Today, February 24th, is National Tortilla Chip Day. Choose your favorite
baked chip, and then make Saucy Chick BBQ Nachos!

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