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Hungry Girl Today: 5.10.10

Spotted on Shelves...

Rock-n-Roll Gourmet 100% All Natural Rock & Pop Jalapeño Korn - Here's a
popcorn snack that's sweet and kinda HOT (like you!). And -- BONUS! -- it
comes in single-serve packs. Each 1-oz. bag has 120 calories, 4g fat, 220mg
sodium, 20g carbs, <1g fiber, 2g sugars, and 2g protein (POINTS® value 3*).
Hooray for non-boring snack foods! Click to find or order online!

AriZona Sugar Free Iced Tea Stix, Pomegranate Green Tea - Carry these
around, iced tea fans! Half a packet (a.k.a. one serving) has 0 calories,
0g fat, 0mg sodium... (POINTS® value 0*). It pretty much has FLAVOR (and
sweetness, courtesy of Splenda). We like it! P.S. AriZona's also got a
5-calories-per-serving Arnold Palmer variety -- half iced tea, half lemonade!

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Morning Express Ham and Cheese Scramble -
Craving a down-home breakfast of ham, potatoes, cheese, and eggs, but don't
have time to make it? This freezer find works. The whole scramble has 220
calories, 9g fat, 610mg sodium, 13g carbs, 2g fiber, 1g sugars, and 21g
protein (POINTS® value 5). Nice!

Organic PANIC! Are YOU Underestimating Calories in Your Snacks?

Organic food can be great, but beware -- organic junk food is still junk
food. In a recent study carried out by the folks at the Cornell University
Food and Brand Lab, all of the subjects were given organic cookies and
chips. Some of these snacks were labeled "organic," while others weren't;
ALL of the snacks were actually organic. Reportedly, those who chewed the
snacks labeled "organic" estimated the cookies had 40 percent fewer
calories, compared to estimates by those who consumed the snacks without
the labels. 40 percent! Another interesting tidbit? Apparently, the people
who most underestimated calories are those who said they usually buy
organic goods and consider themselves nutrition-savvy label readers. Yikes.
Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's low in calories, people! A
co-author of the study describes organic foods as having a "health halo,"
meaning they seem more virtuous than they actually are; as a result, people
frequently underestimate calories in organic food and reward themselves by
eating more of it. This also happens, he says, with foods labeled "low fat"
or "healthy." BE CAREFUL and don't fall into this trap. Read those
nutrition panels. Just a friendly HG warning. (P.S. Don't miss Friday's
email when we salute one of our favorite guilt-free organic items!)

To Chew or Not to Chew?
To Chew or Not to Chew?

Customize Your Coffee!
Customize Your Coffee!

Frappuccino Frenzy: Hot News, Cold Coffee!

It's almost as if the world is going all HG on us! Check out Starbucks'
latest development: the "However-You-Want-It" Frappuccino. What does this
mean? You can now customize your blended beverage in a slew of different
ways: milk type, coffee intensity, syrup flavor and amount, whether you
want whipped topping (and if so, how much), and any other quirky requests
you desire. As an added bonus, calorie counts in the Light Fraps have
dropped! How can this get better? From now 'til Sunday (5/16),
participating Starbucks locations will be celebrating Happy Hour, selling
HALF-PRICE Fraps from 3 - 5 PM. (Yeah, that's actually two hours, but we're
not going to nitpick when we're being given cheap coffee drinks!) And just
when you think you can't handle any more great news... Starbucks VIA Ready
Brew, the best instant coffee ever, is coming to grocery stores next month!
No more having to swing by The 'Bucks to stock up; just get it on your
regular grocery run. Look for it at Kroger, Costco, Target, Safeway,
Walmart, and CVS locations. WE LOVE YOU, STARBUCKS!

The Buzz...

HG pal and fellow bestselling author Jane Buckingham has a funny and
super-helpful book coming out tomorrow: The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky
Situations. It's packed with fast fixes for everything -- from text-message
mistakes to beauty blunders. Proceeds will benefit the family of a close
friend of Jane's who is battling a serious illness. Click HERE to order, or
seek it out in stores tomorrow. And Jane, YOU COMPLETELY ROCK. ***Need more
zero-calories-per-serving butter spray in your life (and fridge)? Check out
Bestlife Buttery Spray from our pal Bob Greene, and click here for a
coupon! ***Got a great idea for improving health and wellness in your
community? Enter the Post Grant for Good Health, and you could win $25,000
in funding for the project. Click NOW for the details; contest ends next
Monday (5/17)! ***In random research news, a recent study found that 87
percent of the nearly 3,000 people surveyed enjoy onions in the foods they
eat. FASCINATING. And good to know for your next BBQ, when debating whether
to add onions to your chicken skewers. ***Attention, Chicago and Memphis
HGers! The HG 1-2-3 book tour returns with events on Monday, 5/24 (Oak
Brook, IL), and Thursday, 5/27 (Germantown, TN). Meet Lisa and have your
book signed! There'll be SNACKS, PRIZES, and assorted fun. Click the dates
for details! That's all we've got. HG out!

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Today, May 10th, is National Shrimp Day. If you own HG 1-2-3 (or can pick
up a copy today!), whip up one of the many deliciously easy shrimp recipes,
like the Teriyaki Shrimp 'n Slaw Stir-Fry or Shrimped-Up Sweet Corn 'n
Tomato Salad! If not, you can still celebrate with our latest shrimp dish:
Super-Delicious Shrimp Scampi with Fettuccine!

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