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Hungry Girl Today: 6.07.10

Spotted on Shelves...

Knudsen 100 Calorie Cottage Doubles - We're big fans of cottage cheese, but
it can be a little boring. Which is why we LOVE these portion-controlled fruity
containers! Serving low-fat cottage cheese alongside fruity goodness is a
GREAT idea. The new 100-calorie containers come in Peach, Pineapple, and
Strawberry, each with just 1.5 - 2g fat, 300 - 310mg sodium, 11 - 12g carbs,
0g fiber, 9 - 10g sugars, and 8 - 9g protein (POINTS® value 2*). Those not
on the West Coast: Look for the Breakstone's version later this year.

Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes in Sealable Bags, with Zesty Peppers or
Italian Basil - Sun-dried tomatoes are delicious, but who needs all the oil
they're typically packed in? Not us! These chewy things are full of flavor and
free of fat. Add 'em to anything that could use tomatoey goodness -- salads,
wraps, whatever! A half-ounce serving (about 2 tbsp.) has 35 calories, 0g
fat, 35mg sodium, 6g carbs, 1g fiber, 4g sugars, and 2g protein (POINTS®
value 0*). YUM! These are just now hitting shelves. Look for them in the
produce department or order 'em online.

Hillshire Farm Turkey Lit'l Smokies - Sometimes we like our food big, but
other times we like small and adorable food items... like THESE! The smoked
turkey sausages are tasty, petite, and FUN. And a 5-link serving has just 80
calories, 4g fat, 480mg sodium, 4g carbs, <1g fiber, 2g sugars, and 8g
protein (POINTS® value 2*). Psssst... Try 'em in our Pump-Up-the-Jam
Cocktail Weenies recipe!

Our Brand-New Cocktail Book, FREE VitaTops & HG Cocktail Parties (YOU'RE

Guess what! Our crazy-adorable pint-sized cocktail book, Hungry Girl Happy
Hour: 75 Recipes for Amazingly Fantastic Guilt-Free Cocktails & Party Foods,
is now available for pre-order. Yayayay! The book is exploding with recipes
for the most fun and delicious no-guilt cocktails in the universe -- blended
beverages, dessert-inspired drinks, PUDDING SHOTS, and more! And the
first 3,000 people to pre-order two Happy Hour books and follow all the
guidelines will each get two FREE boxes of VitaTops! (Expires 6/23/10; terms
& conditions apply.) Click HERE for all the info, and HERE to pre-order the
book! And to celebrate the book release, in addition to our usual snack-
filled 'n prize-packed signing events, we're throwing SUPER-FUN COCKTAIL
PARTIES!!! Come get your books signed, meet Lisa (HG herself), and enjoy
drinks and apps from the new book! The events and parties are free, and
everyone is welcome. Check it out...

Wednesday, June 23rd, in NYC!!! Book-signing event at Borders in Columbus
Circle at 7pm!

Thursday, June 24th, on Long Island! Cocktail party at The Garden City Hotel
at 7pm! Our pals at Vitalicious are sponsoring this bash, and a BRAND-NEW
VitaTop flavor will be revealed!

Friday, June 25th, in Chester County, PA! Book-signing event at Wegmans in
Downingtown at noon!

Wednesday, June 30th, in Seattle! Cocktail party at the Woodmark Hotel at

Friday, July 9th, in Las Vegas! Cocktail party at Planet Hollywood! (Time TBA.)

Click HERE for more info. More dates may be added soon! And look for HG
Happy Hour on shelves June 22nd!

Summertime Menu Changes: Good News/Bad News!

Jamba Juice Flatbreads Increase in Size... and Calories - When we tried
these pizza-like items last summer, we deemed them too small to be worth
the 250 - 330 calories and 8 - 13g fat each one packs. Now they're more
than a fourth larger but have 320 - 420 calories and 8 - 16g fat a pop.

Planet Smoothie Slashes Stats! - The smoothie chain has reportedly trimmed
sugary calories from its sippers by embracing sugarless chocolate flavoring
and a sweetener that combines stevia and agave. Let's hope they still taste

Super-Fatty Olive Garden Entrées (and a Light Dessert!) Arrive - These new
limited-edition Italian crepes sound light and innocent, but they SO aren't. An
order of the Five Cheese Crespelles with Chicken or Sausage has 1,260 -
1,310 calories and (are you sitting down?) 87 - 95g fat! Seems like the
Garden's been flooded with fattiness. In more uplifting news, the seasonal
Berries and Zabaione dessert -- which has a slim 200 cals and 9g fat -- is
back. Berries + sorbet + custard = YUM!

Subway's Orchard Chicken Salad Returns! - Fans of the fruity, light-mayo-
dressed chicken option that popped up at Subway last summer, GET
EXCITED -- it's back! Have it on a 6-inch wheat sub for 370 calories and 8g
fat. It won't be here forever, so chew it while you can. And if you get it on a
$5 Footlong, SHARE it!

The Buzz...

What is going on in the world of food these days? CRAZINESS! First off,
check out these Sushi Poppers. That's right. SUSHI POPPERS. Description: "A
portable tube with fresh pre-sliced sushi that is pushed up from [the] bottom
and eaten from the top." Can these PLEASE be available everywhere?!
Buy 'em online. (They come frozen!) ***Continuing the madness, a couple of
guys in Maine have built a vehicle propelled by Mentos and Coke Zero. In an
online video, the contraption can be seen traveling over 200 feet, fueled by
nothing more than candy and soda. We sense a new wave of alternative
energy fuels... *** In more normal news, Funky Monkey Snacks --
deliciously crunchy freeze-dried fruit in awesome flavors -- are now available
in little single-serving packs on Amazon! Each 0.42-oz. bag has just 35 - 50
calories. YAY! *** Get ready to do to some good... It's food storage for a
cause (a cause more important than preserving your leftovers)! The Glad
company, maker of the very awesome Press'n Seal plastic wrap, is helping
to raise funds for Cookies for Kids' Cancer, a nonprofit organization
dedicated to advancing pediatric cancer research. Purchase any specially
marked Glad product and enter its code online, and Glad'll donate $1... 'til
they hit $200,000. Impressive! ***Wanna know what's coming up this month
in your HG emails? All-new foil-pack recipes, an exclusive new recipe from
HG Happy Hour, cookout foods, and a brand-new version of our beloved
supermarket list! So keep reading and remember: WE LOVE YOU! That's all
we've got. HG out!

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Today, June 7th, is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. So many ways to
celebrate, so little time...

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