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Hungry Girl Today: 10.25.10

Spotted on Shelves... Halloween Edition!

EnviroKidz Organic Peanut Choco Drizzle Crispy Rice Bars - If you don't feel
great about giving candy to the neighborhood kids but don't want your house
egged for handing out raisins, check these out: They're sweet little brown-
rice treats dressed up with peanut butter and chocolate. Each bar has only 60
calories, 2g fat, 25mg sodium, 9g carbs, 1g fiber, 4g sugars, and 1g protein
(POINTS® value 1*). And the package has a lemur on it -- who doesn't like

Utz Halloween Pretzel Treats - Can't be trusted with fun-size Halloween candy
or multi-serving pretzel bags in the house? Stock up on these mini packs of
adorably festive pretzels shaped like "Bats & Jacks" (as in jack-o'-lanterns)!
A 1/2-oz. bag has only 50 calories, 0.5g fat, 240mg sodium, 11g carbs, <1g
fiber, <1g sugars, and 1g protein (POINTS® value 1*). Forget Halloween; we
want these year-round!

Annie's Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks - Annie really knows her
way around better-for-you versions of classic snacks. These chewy bunnies
are made with real fruit juice and come in petite packs for the Halloween
season. In Berry Patch and Summer Strawberry, each pouch has just 35 fat-
free calories, 20mg sodium, 9g carbs, and 5g sugars (POINTS® value 1*)...
plus 50 percent of the recommended DV of vitamin C. That makes us hoppy!
(Get it? They're bunnies...)

Fun Food Contests -- You Could Be a Contender!

Two food-related competitions -- GET CREATIVE!!!

FISH FACE! If cooking isn't enough of a challenge for you, and you want to
pit your expertise against others', read on! Ortega and Gorton's are joining
the fish taco craze by challenging you to come up with unique seafood tacos.
Enter for a chance to win a Mexican vacay for four, Fiesta Dinnerware, or
just a whole lotta coupons. NICE! (Deadline 11/30/10.)

YOU SAY TOMATO! More of a tomato head? Dei Fratelli is celebrating National
Tomato Month (which is October... which is now) with its Ripened Recipe
Contest -- submit your original recipe using a Dei Fratelli product, and you
could win a year's supply of free (and delicious) tomato products! (Deadline
Taco and Tomato Time!

We're Thankful for These Finds!
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed: Thanksgiving Order-Ahead Edition!

Yes, yes, Halloween hasn't even passed yet, BUT if you're gonna order items
in preparation for Thanksgiving, you'll wanna jump on it ASAP. These are a
few finds we've got our eyes on...

Fall Icon Cakelet Pan - How cute is this baking pan?? Use it to make adorable
li'l cakes shaped like acorns, pumpkins, walnuts, and pinecones. Heads up:
Our pumpkin + spice cake mix combo would be GREAT with this. Super-
simple, super-cute treats in a snap!

Trudeau Gravy/Fat Separator - Fat-skimming items are SUPER useful for
people who like to make gravy from turkey drippings but want to avoid all
that grease. This model is affordable and has great customer reviews online.
Get one, and keep those fatty calories out of your delicious gravy!

Collapsible Pie Carrier - If you're bringing a tasty guilt-free pie (like this one)
to a dinner at someone else's house, you'll want to make sure that sucker
gets there safely! This container expands to fit an extra-tall pie (or two short
ones) and will keep your sweets secure until it's time for dessert. Yay!

The Buzz...

Sometimes we look at our pale-green stalks of celery and wish they were a
little flashier and more vibrant. But wait! One of the world's largest celery
growers just unveiled an exciting new item: red celery! That should make for
some interesting ants-on-a-log. (The log is on fire!) ***More good news for
celery chewers! A substance called luteolin -- found in celery, carrots,
peppers, and some herbs -- could reduce memory deficits as we age.
Luteolin's anti-inflammatory properties appear to get the credit for this... Just
another reason to eat those veggies! ***McDonald's has a new product on a
test run: Chicken Flatbreads, in four varieties, with under 300 calories each.
The big question? HOW LARGE ARE THEY?! If they're sandwich-replacement
size, that's pretty cool; if they're more like snack wraps, we might wanna
pass. (If you've tried 'em, let us know what you think!) ***We've all had our
overall dining experience ruined by noisy surroundings at one time or
another. Well, that noise could affect how your food tastes. According to a
new study, sweetness and saltiness both seemed less intense in a loud
environment, but the food's perceived crunchiness was enhanced in the
same situation. WOW! ***And we have new evidence that skipping breakfast
is a bad idea... and no, it's not from your mother. A study from the
University of Tasmania suggests that people who miss those morning meals
could be at higher risk for heart disease than A.M. chewers. So eat your
breakfast... And quit slouching, for goodness' sake! That's all we've got. HG

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