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Hungry Girl Today: 01.14.11

Never "faux-fried"? Skeptical about Tofu Shirataki? If you haven't tried HG's best recipe tricks, now's the time! We're making it easy for you with our top tips and the perfect beginner recipes. So take a chance; live a little! ;)

Faux-Frying with Fiber One

"Bran-cereal coating? Even on savory foods? REALLY?" Yes, really. Done right, it's DELICIOUS. You have to taste it to believe it, so get your taste buds ready...

Top Tips:
* ALWAYS use Fiber One Original bran cereal... Accept NO substitutes!

* The cereal twigs need to be ground to the consistency of breadcrumbs. And like most blending and food processing, it's best when you use a sizable amount. So grind up a bunch of cereal at once, and store the extra crumbs in an airtight container. Then use half the amount of whole cereal called for in the recipe's ingredients list the next time you faux-fry. (1/2 cup cereal twigs = 1/4 cup cereal crumbs.)

* Season your crumbs well. For savory foods -- like chicken and cheese -- go beyond salt and pepper; use garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, or seasoning mixes. Sweet items -- like banana slices -- are good with no-calorie sweetener and cinnamon.

* Dip. Shake. Coat. Cook. Dip your food in fat-free liquid egg substitute (so the crumbs have something to stick to), shake gently (so it isn't dripping with eggyness), coat thoroughly (cover it entirely with crumbs), and cook in a skillet or bake in the oven (until crunchy on the outside and cooked through on the inside). YUM TIME!

Your Beginner Recipe: Lord of the Onion Rings 2.0
An HG classic. Amazing dipped in ketchup, Dijonnaise, or low-calorie BBQ sauce!

Pasta Swappin' with Tofu Shirataki

We talk about this guilt-free noodle substitute all the time. Not everyone loves it but, if prepped properly, this stuff can be a phenomenal ingredient. PLUS, a whole bag has just 40 calories!

Top Tips:
* Rinse the noodles well. A strainer makes this a cinch.

* After rinsing, use paper towels to blot away as much moisture as you can. Dry them THOROUGHLY. This is the most important step in the process.

* Snip the noodles up a bit with kitchen shears; they're SUPER-LONG. You can do this while they're still in the strainer.

* Heat the noodles, either for a minute in the microwave (and then blot them again) or briefly in a skillet on the stove. This will get rid of any remaining liquid. And the drier you can get them, the more pasta-like in texture they become.

* The noodles taste best in creamy and/or thick sauces, which coat the noodles well; plain tomato sauce just isn't the best option.

Your Beginner Recipe: Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo 2.0
Simple. Cheesy. Easy. Perfect!

Egg Mugs

We love a recipe born from laziness. A desire for a hot egg breakfast, and a preference for avoiding cleaning pots and pans, paved the way for HG's famous "egg mugs," a.k.a. guilt-free egg scrambles cooked in the microwave. Dozens of variations followed up the original, and HG history was made...

Top Tips:
* Use a nice big microwave-safe mug. The egg mixture WILL puff up and peek over the top of the mug, but it'll settle down once it's finished cooking.

* Nuke veggies separately for a minute or so, before you add the egg substitute. This will allow them to soften without overcooking your scramble. Then just blot away any excess moisture.

* Beforehand, spray the mug with a little nonstick spray. Afterward, squeeze some dish soap into the mug, fill it with hot water, and let it sit. These two steps make cleanup even easier.

* Need a b-fast on the go? Just wrap the contents of your egg mug in a high-fiber tortilla or stuff 'em inside a whole-wheat pita. Or just grab a fork and remember to soak your mug once at work!

Your Beginner Recipe: The Egg Mug Classic
The most basic version we've got -- just two ingredients. Don't be deceived... It may be simple, but it's seriously delicious!

Growing Oatmeal

"Growing Oatmeal" might sound a bit like a breakfast-themed horror movie from the '60s. BUT it a) tastes fantastic, b) is super-satisfying, and c) allows you to eat a GIGANTIC portion for the same amount of calories as oatmeal cooked the traditional way.

Top Tips:
* Seek out this particular VIP (very important product): Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. It's essential for adding creaminess without a lot of calories. If UVAB isn't stocked at your local store, use light vanilla soymilk in its place -- just factor in the extra calories.

* Don't be thrown by the large amount of liquid at the start of the recipe. Growing oatmeal calls for twice as much liquid as ordinary oatmeal, but it also cooks for twice as long. It'll thicken up... Promise!

* Try making it ahead of time! Then use it to make fun oatmeal parfaits or enjoy it chilled with fresh fruit on top. It is so good!

Your Beginner Recipe: The Original Growing Oatmeal Bowl
Classic and easy to zazzle up! So go ahead, add whatever... We won't judge!

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Friday, January 14th, is National Hot Pastrami Day. Most pastrami sandwiches are pretty fatty, though... Try our Blue Ribbon Roast Beef Sandwich instead!

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