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Hungry Girl Today: 01.19.11

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Hi Hungry Girl,

I don't know what my problem is, but when I get home from work, all I can do is eat! It throws my whole day off. Do you have a quick snack that's filling and will help me stop the insanity?

Allison (and Her Appetite)

Hi Allison,

I can relate to this, for sure! One thing that will help is to make sure you're never FAMISHED by the time you get home. If you eat lunch early in the day and don't get home until late-ish, you probably need a snack before you get home. So pack travel-friendly items -- like Fuji apples, Mini Babybel Light cheese, jerky, and snack bars with fiber and protein. As for at-home snacks that are fast and filling, I like to go for things that don't make me feel hungrier. If I start chomping on chips or cookies -- even if they're low in fat and calories -- I won't be able to stop. So, here are some post-work/pre-dinner snacks I really like...

Baby Carrots with Vivi's Original Sauce Classic Carnival Mustard - There are two reasons I think people don't snack on raw veggies more often: 1) They don't feel like hacking celery stalks and heads of broccoli into sticks and bite-sized pieces, and 2) they don't have something as super-delicious as Vivi's sauce to dunk 'em in! This snack solves both problems. (P.S. Vivi's is FINALLY back in stock online... YAY!)

Light Yogurt or Zazzled-Up Cottage Cheese - A container of fat-free fruity yogurt like Yoplait Light or Fiber One yogurt is a perfect snack -- no assembly required. Sometimes I'll put half a cup of fat-free cottage cheese or fat-free Greek yogurt in a bowl, and then I'll mix in some no-calorie sweetener, a little cinnamon, and a drop or two of vanilla extract. This is great for when you are craving something sweet but want something that'll actually satisfy you until dinner.

Salsa-fied Tuna Stacks - Here's a little three-ingredient recipe I dreamt up and fell in love with. Just mix 1/4 cup flaked albacore tuna (packed in water and then drained) with about 3 tbsp. salsa. Divide the mixture between two rice cakes (I like the lightly salted ones), and CHOMP into your open-faced treat. The whole thing has only about 150 calories!

Hard-Boiled Egg Whites - Okay, this might seem a little boring, but hard-boiled egg whites ROCK! I love 'em plain but they're good with Dijonnaise too, if you need an extra creamy kick! Just boil a bunch of eggs over the weekend (click here for tips), and keep 'em in the fridge. EZ and awesome.

There you have it -- some speedy snack ideas. And don't forget to keep those emergency snacks handy, just in case!

Hola, Hungry Girl!

Saw the first episode of your cooking show -- it was great! During the show, when you were at the supermarket, you mentioned using tomato soup as pizza sauce. Is there a specific kind you like? Also, do you know the Weight Watchers values of the recipes you made in the show? Thanks!

Cookin' in Charlottesville

Hi Cookin',

I'm so glad you like the show! To answer your first question, YES, I definitely have a favorite soup that I use as a pizza sauce swap -- it's called Amy's Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque, and it's fantastic! In fact, click here for a great pizza recipe that specifically calls for it. As for your second Q, all of the PointsPlus® values for the recipes seen on the show can be found on our snazzy new TV show site, along with the recipes themselves and full nutritional info. Plus, the show site has tons more information on stuff featured in each episode... like that soup, for example! Click here to check out the TV show site, and click here for the page on the "You Wanna Pizza Me?" episode. There you'll find the show recipes, supermarket tips and product picks, and a bunch of other recipes that relate to the show's theme. Browse around the episode pages (more to come as the season progresses) and have fun! Don't forget to tune in for "Surprises, Shockers & Swaps!" this Saturday, and click here for a PREVIEW of that episode. Bye!!

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