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Hungry Girl Today: 04.20.11

Hey Hungry Girl,

Your recipes have helped me survive this healthy-eating thing. I want to know your take on the new Carl's Jr. Turkey Burger. I looked at the stats online and they're a bit scary -- 23 grams of fat. I was wondering if some special ordering could improve the stats enough -- or should I just skip it?! Thanks!

Stacy Girl

Hi Stacy,

You're not alone. Everyone wants to know more about those turkey burgers. Because let's face it: Having "under 500 calories" isn't terribly impressive for a single fast-food item, especially when it packs a ton of fat. Here's the deal: CJ offers three versions of its Turkey Burgers. The least fattening option is the Teriyaki Turkey Burger, with 470 calories and 14 grams of fat (PointsPlus