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Hungry Girl Today: 05.04.11

Dear HG,

I LOVE chips and salsa -- they're my #1 indulgence. I've tried low-calorie chip substitutions, like crunchy veggies, but those just don't satisfy my craving for the salty goodness of actual chips. Do you have any suggestions?

Swap-It-to-Me Sherry

Hi Sherry,

I know what you mean -- I enjoy raw carrots and cut veggies, but a chip swap they are not! The one veggie you might want to try out is kale. When spritzed with nonstick spray, sprinkled with salt, and baked at a high temp, kale becomes crispy and chip-like. AMAZING! Click here for an official HG recipe for kale chips. You can also make your own tortilla chips out of corn tortillas -- just slice, spritz, sprinkle, and bake! Click here for the full deets. Or get adventurous and try out lavash -- a soft, thin, Middle Eastern flatbread typically found in the bakery section or ethnic foods aisle of the supermarket. Here's a recipe for lavash chips and a fun two-ingredient dip. There are some great-tasting baked tortilla chips out there as well. Guiltless Gourmet makes my favorites -- there are so many flavor options, and each 1-oz. serving (about 18 chips) has only 110 - 125 calories, 2 - 3g fat, and a PointsPlus