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Hungry Girl Today: 05.25.11

Hi Hungry Girl,

I have all of your books and read all of your daily emails! But please, please, please -- when you feature a recipe in an email, tell us whether it's already in one of your cookbooks. I spend SO much time looking through the index of each book before I transfer recipes to index cards for my recipe box. Thanks!

Lend-Me-A-Hand LeAnn

Hi LeAnn,

A lot of people ask about this, and I have good news for you: Nearly every recipe that runs in the daily emails is BRAND SPANKING NEW! If it's from a cookbook, we'll almost always let you know and tell you which book you can find it in -- like in this recent email, where we revealed a favorite recipe from Hungry Girl 300 Under 300, and in this fantastic email, which includes a recipe from each of the first THREE cookbooks! Of course, some of the recipes in the archives do eventually wind up being published in future cookbooks, but nearly every recipe that runs in a new email is new too. By the way... have you checked out our newish PRINT button that runs alongside the name of each recipe? Just click and you'll get a printer-friendly copy of the recipe that's really easy to read. There's also a set of recipe cards featuring classic HG recipes that I think you'd love, since they're compact and convenient like your index cards. And with the time you'll be saving, you can spend it on making more delicious HG recipes! Enjoy...

Hey, HG!

I've been seeing ads for the new McDonald's McCaf