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Hungry Girl Today: 05.27.11

We're on the verge of Memorial Day weekend, which means the unofficial beginning of summer! Before you hit a slew of BBQs and backyard parties, check out our top tips 'n recipes!

TOP ATE Tips for Keeping It Guilt-Free at a Cookout

1. Drink water. We know -- "Broken record, Hungry Girl!" But it's SUPER-IMPORTANT. When you get dehydrated, not only does your energy drop (not ideal at a party), but you also become more likely to eat when you're just thirsty and make not-so-smart food decisions. Spike your H2O with Crystal Light if you want more flavor.

2. Contribute to the food table! Sure, it's easier to just bring plastic forks, but this way you can ensure that there's an item or two you can eat without guilt or suspicion. Check out the recipe roundup below!

3. Befriend the grill. Grilling makes practically everything taste great, and it keeps added fat to a minimum. As long as the food isn't drowned in oil beforehand, you're pretty much good to go. Grill lean protein, fruit, and veggies. Foil packs and skewers are good ways to secure smaller bits of food. Click here for our latest grill-friendly recipes!

4. Find guilt-free frozen treats. Stick to fruit pops and fruit bars instead of standard ice cream treats. You get the cool refreshment without the extra fat. These Dreyer's/Edy's bars are a great choice!

5. Avoid mayo-laden side dishes. Even a relatively demure 2/3-cup serving of ordinary potato salad can have close to 20 grams of fat... which makes eating it especially silly considering how many other fun things there are to chew. (Click for our version!) So it's smart to stay away... unless the dishes are made from HG recipes, of course!

6. Get active! Is there a volleyball game going on? Water-balloon fight? A really competitive game of tag? Get in on it! You'll have fun and burn off some extra calories. Just make sure you hydrate!

7. Enjoy yourself! Because that's the point. Don't spend too much time worrying about the food; just do the best you can. Hang out with your friends; have fun at the party! OH, and one more thing...

8. Wear sunscreen. Yeah, it's got nothing to do with calories, but it's REALLY important if you're spending time outside. Plus, if you wind up sunburned, you might be tempted to drown your sorrows in a gallon of ice cream.

Best Backyard Recipe Roundup!

These recipes ALWAYS get invited to our parties...

Creamy Dreamy Macaroni Salad - One of those perfect recipes -- no one will guess this pasta dish is light!

Slammin' Slaw - Coleslaw rocks, but that doesn't mean we're eating the fatty stuff. This recipe is completely guilt-free.

Bean There, Yum That Salad - So flavorful and chock-full of veggies. The orange juice in the dressing makes it EXTRA-AWESOME!

Outside-In Cheeseburger Patty and Tremendous Top-Shelf Turkey Burger - Gotta have burgers! Here's a beef burger AND a turkey option. You know, because we love you.

Chicken D'lish Kebabs, Grillin' of the Corn, and Girl on Grill Veggie Wraps - Marinated chicken, a must-have side dish, and something to keep the vegetarians happy. We've got it all!

Saucy BBQ Seafood Skewers with Not-So-Secret BBQ Sauce - Get ready to hear a LOT of "Are there any skewers left?" once you grill up this recipe...

Stuffed 'n Squashed Mushroom Foil Pack, Do the Cabbage Pack!, and Hustle 'n Brussels Foil-Pack Attack - Cook vegetables without having them fall through the grate -- check out the grill instructions for these sides!

Watermelon Frojito, Upside-Down Tequila Sunrise, and Party-in-a-Pitcher Sangria - Three fun cocktail recipes, ready to take your party to another level.

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HG FYI! There will be no HG email this Monday, Memorial Day. But don't despair! We'll be back on Tuesday with a deliciously sweet 'n creamy sippable swap you'll flip for!

Today, May 27th, is National Grape Popsicle Day! The 60-calorie grape fruit bars from Dreyer's/Edy's sound super-refreshing, don't they?

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