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Hungry Girl Today: 06.29.11

Dear Hungry Girl,

What are your suggestions for a low-calorie (or at least not high-calorie) fast-food breakfast? Some mornings are crazy, and it's so tempting to grab fast food. Appreciate your help in advance.

Craving B-fast... Fast!

Hi Craving,

I can definitely relate! My mornings are often crazy-busy too. And while I'm glad that you're not skipping breakfast (it IS the most important meal of the day!), there are many calorie-dense, fatty breakfast items on those fast-food menus. Luckily, there are some guilt-free finds as well. Check out a few of my top picks...

Subway Egg White Muffin Melts - These are amazing. Most of 'em clock in at 150 - 220 calories and 3.5 - 8g fat (PointsPlus