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Hungry Girl Today: 10.12.11

Dear Hungry Girl,

I am a HUGE fan of your drink recipes. At a martini bar recently, I had a "Thin Mint" martini. It tasted just like the Girl Scout Cookie and even came with a cookie garnish! Any ideas on how I could make a Hungry Girl version of this drink? I'm sure it contains many, many calories! Thanks for all you do. Cannot wait to get your new book!

Thirsty Todd

Hi Todd,

Hooray for male HG fans! WOOHOO!!! Glad you're excited for the new book -- Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival just hit shelves yesterday! But to answer your question, I do have some ideas for a swap. In fact, you inspired me to get in the kitchen and whip up a full-blown recipe. Check it out!

HG's ChocoMint Martini
PER SERVING (1/2 of recipe, 1 martini): 145 calories, 0g fat, 90mg sodium, 7g carbs, 0.5g fiber, 4.5g sugars, 1g protein -- PointsPlus