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Hungry Girl Today: 2.3.12
This Sunday (a.k.a. Super Bowl Sunday) is about more than watching the Giants square off against the Patriots -- it's about friends, fun, and food! Read on for some tips on how to enjoy the big game day without consuming big calories.

HG's Top Tips for a No-Guilt Super Bowl Party

Whether you're throwing the party or just attending it, we've got you covered.

Stock up on smart snacks 'n swaps. Hosts: Don't want to pull a party foul by supplying only slimmed-down eats? Go 50-50 -- set out some guilt-free snacks as well as some of the traditional treats. Partygoers: Be an MVP among calorie-conscious pals by contributing to the snack table with an item or two. Click here for crunchy snack picks and here for game-day-worthy food finds. And check out the recipe roundup below!

Mealtime? Load up on filling (but not fattening) stuff. Chili can be a good option, but if it looks greasy, it's probably packing some serious fat. Skip the cheese, sour cream, and other fatty toppings; pair it with some carrot sticks from the buffalo-wing platter. If there's a sub platter or deli plate, GREAT. Go for lean meat like turkey, skip the cheese and the mayo, and add some flavor with mustard. Don't forget a pickle spear!

Go easy on the beer. For many people, beer and football go together like Egg Beaters and Laughing Cow. But with all the things to chew, you probably won't want to waste too many calories on beverages. If you're gonna have a beer, choose a light one -- most bottles have around 110 calories each. Some ultra-light beers have as few as 55 calories a bottle!

Do the best you can with fried food and pizza. Chances are, there will be SOMETHING else to eat. But if you're hungry and the only substantial food is fried chicken, opt for breast meat and "bench" the skin. If there's only pizza, choose one with sensible toppings (like fresh veggies); then blot the top, and sprinkle with red pepper flakes. (The heat will help slow down your eating.)

Drink water. Don't get stuck drinking nothing but beer and soda. Making a point of drinking water will keep you hydrated (duh) and help you to avoid too much idle snacking. Sometimes we eat because we're actually thirsty -- don't fall into that trap.

Have fun! It IS a party. So while it's a good idea to be smart, plan ahead, and eat consciously, you should absolutely not let that stuff get in the way of having a blast with your buddies. In fact, the more you get wrapped up in the game and socializing, the less you'll focus on the food. Party smarty!

Chew for a Cause: Host a "St. Jude Game Day. Give Back." Party!

We teamed up with the awesome people at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to raise funds on game day for kids battling cancer, and it's not too late to party with a purpose! Get Hungry Girl recipes (including a book-exclusive HG favorite!), party tips, and more when you register to host a Super Bowl shindig.

Total Touchdown Recipe Roundup!

We can't imagine ANYONE complaining about a table full of these goodies...

Rockin' Roasted Corn Guac 'n Chips - Fat-slashed guacamole and easy oven-baked chips?! Yes!

Pizza-Pied Nachos - Pizza and nachos are both game-day favorites. Why not combine the two? This recipe ROCKS.

Big Blue Buffalo Jala' Poppers, Bacon-Wrapped Pepper Poppers, and Mexi-Crab Stuffed Poppers - Three amazing jalape