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Hungry Girl Today: 2.29.12

Hey, Hungry Girl!

I love your books, your website, and your show. And I've got a question. I'm looking for a light salad dressing to use on leafy greens to add flavor without a lot of calories. Got any suggestions? Thank you!

Dressed for Success

Hi Dressed,

Great question! So many people automatically think salad is a smart choice, but if you pick the wrong dressing (and use too much of it), you could unintentionally add hundreds of calories to your meal. I've got some picks and tips to keep that calorie count low...

Puttin' on the spritz - Spray dressings are great because they give you maximum salad coverage for the least amount of calories. Unfortunately, they've been slowly disappearing over the past year or two, but you can still find Wish-Bone's line of Salad Spritzers in stores. A 10-spray serving has just 10 - 15 calories and 0.5 - 1g fat (PointsPlus