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Hungry Girl Today: 2.22.12

Hi HG,

I am obsessed with hash browns. I especially love 'em loaded with cheese, ham, and onions. Is there a swap for this that isn't fattening? Please say there is!

Hoping for Hashies

Hi Hoping,

You can stop hoping and start chewing because I've got some great guilt-free hash brown recipes and tips that'll satisfy your cravings...

A classic HG swap? Butternut Hash Browns. These are (doy!) made with butternut squash instead of potatoes. It works anywhere you'd normally use potatoes, and it's lighter and lower in starchy carbs. Bonus: You'll burn some calories shredding the squash! Use that recipe as a starting point and load it up with guilt-free versions of your favorite add-ins: light cheese (like The Laughing Cow Light wedges and fat-free or reduced-fat shredded cheese), extra-lean ham (or Canadian bacon, which is naturally lean), and onions (fresh or the dried minced kind).

Really want POTATO hashies? Check out these Better-Than-a-BLT Hash Browns, which have potato shreds... and BACON. And here's a cheese 'n sausage breakfast skillet that calls for frozen shredded hash browns (such an easy ingredient to work with).

Speaking of frozen shredded hash browns, they're surprisingly not bad in terms of stats, as long as you don't cook them in a bunch of oil. Each cup has about 65 calories and no fat (PointsPlus