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Hungry Girl Today: 4.23.12

Spotted on Shelves...
Rickland Orchards All Natural Greek Yogurt Bars - Before you jump to conclusions, these are NOT frozen treats. The yogurt here is in solid form (think yogurt-covered raisins), squiggled on top and lining the bottom of fruit 'n granola bars. The AMAZING snacks come in Toasted Coconut, Orchard Peach, Blueberri Acai, Cherri Almond, Cranberry Almond, and Apple & Honey. Each bar has 160 - 170 calories, 6 - 10g fat, 40 - 50mg sodium, 19 - 22g carbs, 5g fiber, 8 - 12g sugars, and 7g protein (PointsPlus