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Hungry Girl Today: 5.2.12

Hi Hungry Girl,

I always love having a little something sweet after dinner, but I'm getting tired of store-bought low-cal fudge pops. Any great HG recipes that don't take long to make?

After-Dinner Delight

Hi After-Dinner Delight,

You're in luck! I have lots of recipes for sweet treats that are quick, easy to make, and (of course) guilt-free. Check 'em out...

Dessert in a mug - I'm all about making things in mugs. Why? Because you can just heat it and eat it -- no cookware to clean! Two of my favorites? Red Hot Apple Pie in a Mug and Mississippi Mug Pie. I made both of these on my show, and they're crazy-delicious!

Couples and trios - What are these? HG recipes with only two or three ingredients. Here are FIVE recipes to get you started -- these can all be made in advance and eaten after dinner. Click here for three fruity-licious dessert couples. And check out this three-ingredient freezy chocolate treat; much cooler than those fudge bars!

Sweet parfaits - This choco-nana parfait is insanely good, this bananas Foster one is a great swap for the decadent dessert (plus it's a trio), and this PB&J parfait is a classic. If you're feeling really lazy, you don't even have to layer the ingredients in a glass -- just toss 'em in a bowl and consume!

No more boring fudge bars for you. Enjoy!

Help, HG!

I recently discovered these amazing tortillas at my local grocery store, but the nutrition info listed on the package sounds too good to be true. How can I verify that the numbers are correct?

Skeptical Snacker

Hi Skeptical Snacker,

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to verify the nutritionals, other than take the tortillas to a lab to be tested (which I've totally done before, but it isn't exactly a budget-friendly solution). The FDA actually allows labels on packaged foods to be off by as much as 20 percent! So here's what you need to know to snack safely...

Think big. Well-known brands with national distribution are more likely to have accurate nutrition labels on their products than small mom 'n pop companies. Although I'm all for supporting local small businesses, I am a little hesitant when it comes to diet-friendly foods.

Weigh in. Not yourself... I'm talking about weighing your food. See if it matches what the package says. You'll find out whether the manufacturer did their homework and cares about accurate labeling. If that tortilla is supposed to weigh 2 ounces but clocks in at 3, you need to multiply the stats accordingly.

Overall, trust your instincts. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Although the nutrition labels might be lying, don't lie to yourself. Pad those stats, or find a new tortilla. I highly recommend these!

More label info to keep in mind? Pay attention to the servings per container; if the stats on a small bag of chips seem a little too impressive, for example, it could be that there are TWO servings per bag. And don't be fooled into thinking that if you eat a lot of "zero-calorie" foods, you won't take in any calories; anything with less than FIVE calories per serving can be rounded down to ZERO on the label. Click here for more on that.

Good luck!

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Today, May 2nd, is National Truffle Day. Since we enjoy chocolate more than fancy mushrooms, we'll be celebrating with a Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bar. How will YOU celebrate?

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