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Hungry Girl Today: 5.9.12

Hi HG,

What should I do if a restaurant doesn't have nutritional information available on its website? How do I really know what I'm eating there?

Fishin' for Nutrition

Hi Fishin',

Although more and more restaurants are posting nutrition info online, there are still plenty that don't. (Get with the times, restaurant people!) If you encounter one of these places, here are some survival strategies...

Scope out the menu online ahead of time, if possible. Even if it doesn't include nutritionals, it can help you plan ahead and make smarter choices once you get to the restaurant. If you see that guilt-free options are limited, you can prepare by eating a little lighter earlier in the day.

Really read the menu. Those descriptions offer up some pretty useful info. Avoid anything with words like "fried," "crusted," and "saut