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Hungry Girl Today: 6.15.12

When we heard that this Sunday is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, it inspired us to round up the best veggie-in-disguise recipes we've got. Check 'em out!

Make 'n Fake Fries!

We're all about making baked versions of French fries out of unexpected veggies. Guilt-free insanity!

Bake-tastic Butternut Squash Fries - Simple, amazing, and so crazy-delicious you'll hardly believe it. Like sweet potato fries minus lots of carby calories!

Turnip the Disco Fries - We took a diner classic, used a combo of potatoes and turnips, and concocted this super-decadent swap.

Grin 'n Carrot Fries - Carrot sticks baked at a high temp have an amazing flavor you'll flip for. Try 'em...

Cheesy Good Chili Fries - When you're craving the comfort of fully loaded French fries, turn to this recipe instead of fatty restaurant versions!

Ranch-tastic Butternut Fries with Bacon and Sweet-Garlic Butternut Fries - Two more variations on our original swap. You can never have too many...

Quick Chip Swap!

"HG, I want to snack on salty crisps!" We've got just the recipe for you. Our Baked Kale chips will blow your mind...

Cheat-za Pizza!

Anyone can put veggies on their pizza. But we like to swap out carby pizza crust in favor of flat-out awesome veggie bases. Tasty fun with seriously slashed calorie counts!

Supremely Stuffed Pizza-fied Eggplant - Who needs deep-dish pizza with a recipe like this around? Full of classic pizza flavor AND eggplant goodness.

Pizza-bellas - Portabella mushroom caps are great vehicles for cheese, sauce, and assorted pizza toppings. YOU MUST TRY THIS RECIPE.

Eggplant-Bottomed Pizza - This dish is totally pizza-rific. For a crispier crust, cook the eggplant slices in a skillet over medium-high heat.

Pasta Swappin'!

So many veggies make great noodle substitutes!

Veggie-rific Noodle-Free Lasagna - With slabs of yummy veggies in place, who needs sheets of pasta? Not us and, once you taste this, not you either!

Cheesy-Peasy Spaghetti Squash and Spaghetti Squash 'n Shrimp Arrabbiata - Two dressed-up spaghetti squash recipes. One cheesy, one spicy, both super-tasty.

Slaw & Order - This recipe is just as easy as boiling regular pasta -- gotta love that!

Spaghetti Swap & Meatballs for Two - One of the most popular dishes ever gets the squashified HG treatment. Good thing too -- check out the stats for the regular stuff!

Pop-Up Recipe Idea: Steam Your Sprouts! Bean sprouts make a nice Asian-noodle swap. Just steam them until soft, and then toss 'em with classic Asian sauces like teriyaki and soy. Add a little lean protein, and you're good to go!

Do the Mashed Potato!

Mashed potatoes are pretty much comfort-food nirvana, but all that excess starch can be a drag. Lighten up with these recipes!

Miracle Mashies - The classic recipe. A mix of cauliflower and potato tastes just like the real thing!

Loaded Miracle Mashies - These mashies are all decked out in cheese and bacon (the ultimate accessories for any self-respecting side dish).

Great Garlic Miracle Mashies - Even diehard skeptics will be impressed by these roasted-garlic mashed faux-tatoes!

Squash-tastic Shepherd's Pie - YES, we mashed up butternut squash for the topping of this shepherd's pie.

Hungry Chick Shepherd's Pie - Another twist on the layered entr