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Hungry Girl Today: 7.4.12

Hi Hungry Girl,

I'm on the go a lot, and I really like the convenience of having a protein bar between meals. However, there are so many different bars out there, and I know not all of them have impressive stats and great taste. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Which bars do you recommend?

Pondering Protein Bars

Hi Pondering,

This is a great question. Not all protein bars are created equal. Many of them have 300+ calories and are meant for body builders, marathon runners, and people looking for full-on meal replacements. Your best bet is to look for bars with 200 calories or less, about 4 grams of fiber, and at least 8 grams of protein. The combo of fiber and protein is super-filling. With that out of the way, here are some of my favorite picks...

If you want a protein bar that doesn't taste like one (as in no chalky texture), try new Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars. They're basically soft granola bars with a LOT of protein (10g each!), and they come in delicious nutty flavors. Each bar has 190 calories (PointsPlus