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Hungry Girl Today: 7.18.12

Hi HG,

I LOVE granola, but the ones in the store are so high in fat and calories. Please help! I know you'll come to the rescue. Thanks in advance.

Gotta Have Granola

Hi Gotta Have Granola,

You're right -- granola can be a total food faker, meaning that it seems like a smart pick when it's really not. Although it typically contains whole grains and other good-for-you stuff, it's often prepared with lots of added sugar and oil. And it's very calorie dense -- most granola has really high stats for a pretty small serving size. It's fine in small portions, but many people eat it like cereal, so the calories really add up. Even low-fat granola typically has close to 400 calories per cup. So what's a granola-lovin' girl to do? Keep reading...

Some store-bought options are better than others in the stats department. Kashi's granola-like GoLean Crunch! cereal has only 190 calories and 3g fat in a full cup (PointsPlus