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Hungry Girl Today: 8.1.12

Hi Lisa,

Whenever you give advice about pasta, you always say to avoid it when dining out. Why is it that so many frozen meals made for people watching their weight include pasta? What makes this pasta better for dieters than restaurant versions? And what do you recommend for those times I do want to eat pasta when dining out?

Pasta Perplexed

Hi Pasta Perplexed,

Good questions. Frozen meals don't feature a special kind of low-cal pasta. (I wish they did!) They're just portion controlled. Let's be honest: Most frozen meals aren't large. They're nowhere near as huge as restaurant meals, which often contain two or three servings of pasta... sometimes more! If you're out and about and just have to have pasta, your best bet is to order it on the side so you can really assess the amount. Then try to stick with a cup of noodles, which has around 200 calories (PointsPlus