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Hungry Girl Today: 9.14.12

Monday's the BIG day! Don't miss our HUGE HUNGRY GIRL NEWS and SPECIAL OFFER. Hint: There are incredible, delicious, guilt-free freebies involved and a major announcement!

Visiting a sandwich shop or deli? Check out our go-to tips, followed by what (and what not) to order from popular chains!

Our Best Sandwich Advice...

Keep the bread small. This doesn't mean your sandwich has to be tiny. You can load it up with lots of lean protein and fresh veggies. But start with slim slices of bread or a flat bun... not a giant tortilla or foot-long roll. Calorie-saving bonus: Ditch the top, and eat it open-faced! Or skip those carby calories altogether with a "lettuce bun" -- a.k.a. giant leaves of lettuce in place of bread.

Lean meats 101: More than turkey. Turkey breast is a well-known favorite, but there are other low-fat deli meats as well. Chicken breast, ham, and roast beef are ALL great options. Try to avoid salami, pepperoni, bologna, and bacon. Meatballs and mayo-packed tuna salad are also on the no-no list.

Cheese: Take it or leave it? If you're going veggie-style and skipping the meats, a slice or two of cheese can be a good way to add some protein to your meal. Each slice has around 80 calories and 6g fat. But if your sandwich is already piled high with protein, you might want to skip those cheesy calories.

Big flavor; little calorie counts. Pickle chips, jalape