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Hungry Girl Today: 10.12.12

Each of these recipes can be made in 10 minutes or less! Everyone needs speedy guilt-free recipes in their arsenal, so bookmark this page PRONTO.

Breakfast (Emphasis on FAST)!

Happy Trail Mix Yogurt - When ordinary yogurt just isn't enticing enough, this recipe should help jazz things up!

Deconstructed Sausage McMuffin Parfait - Keep the ingredients for this parfait on hand, and making it will be faster than hitting the drive-thru.

Double-0-Strawberry Quickie Kiwi Smoothie - Don't cave and buy an over-caloried sugary smoothie. Make THIS guilt-free sipper instead!

Sweet Cheese 'n Apple iMug, Mexi-licious Egg Mug, and Mug Foo Young - These microwave egg scrambles are ready in a flash, and there are NO pots or pans to clean. Yesssss!

Tropical Wonder B-fast Bowl - This no-cook a.m. treat will rock your world (or at least your morning!)...

All-American Egg Mug, Eggs Bene-chick Mug, and The HG Special Egg Mug - That's right, MORE egg mugs. We LOVE these things!

Click here for over a dozen MORE speedy breakfast recipes!!!

No-Cook Salads, Wraps & More!

Chompable Chinese Chicken Salad Wrap - For those days when you need a handheld meal, this wrap is ready to be held (and chewed)!

Fiery Tuna Salad - Restaurant and supermarket tuna salads are boring and scary at the same time -- this hot stuff is neither!

Chick-a-licious Fruity Green Salad - Top your greens with fruit and protein! (All the cool kids are doing it.)

Mexi' Shrimp Salad Wrap and Spicy Black Bean & Avocado Turkey Wrap - A couple of tortilla-bound meals are just a few minutes away...

Curried Away Chicken Salad - Mmmm, another perfectly dressed scoopy salad -- try it solo, on light bread, or wrapped in lettuce leaves!

Hot 'N Cold Buff Chick Scoopable Salad - Skip the fried coating and messy fingers that come with hot wings! All the essential flavors are right here.

Spicy Thai-Style No-Cook Stir-Fry and Italiano Tuna Salad Wraps - Go global in no time with these two tasty creations!

Salsa-fied Tuna Stacks - An HG favorite... The protein will squash your hunger, and the rice cakes will bring the CRUNCH!

The HG Special - A big salad packed with tasty toppers. Soooo good!

Hot & Speedy Lunch 'n Dinner Dishes!

Grilled Cheese Dunkin' Duo and Greek Grilled Cheese - A classic quick lunch gets the HG treatment... TWICE!

Double-Cheese Corn Quesadilla - You're just three ingredients away from an under-200-calorie quesadilla. That ROCKS a lot, does it not? (It DOES!)

Spoonable BLT Soup - Canned soup gets a makeover in this recipe. A delicious makeover...

Fancy Grilled Ham & Cheese and Savory Pumpkin Grilled Cheese - More grilled cheese! (Don't be scared by the pumpkin one; it's really good.)

Zazzled-Up Zuppa - Time to jazz up some tomato soup once more! P.S. You can totally make this recipe in the microwave, if you like.

Desserts in a Jiffy!

Caramel Apple Parfait - Calling all caramel apple fans -- this sweet treat nails the flavor you crave right on the head!

Bananas Foster Puddin' Parfait - This decadent dessert has fewer calories than traditional bananas Foster, by FAR!

Chocolate Sundae Supreme - Not just any ice cream sundae, people. This is one extreme chocolate experience!

Cloud Cake Sundae - Make a fluffy li'l cake in the microwave... and tell anyone who asks "Can I have a bite?" to make their own!

PB&C Cake in a Mug and Choco-PB Pudding Crunch Parfait - Not one, but TWO easy desserts featuring peanut butter and chocolate. How ever will you choose...

Hungry for More?

Click here for SEVEN more super-fast recipes, as seen on the "Under Five Minutes" episode of Hungry Girl! Speaking of Hungry Girl, catch the show on Food Network every Wednesday at 10:30am/9:30c and on Cooking Channel every Saturday at 10:30am ET/7:30am PT. Hooray!!!

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The second Friday in October is World Egg Day... and that's TODAY, October 12th! Try out a few internationally inspired eggy HG dishes today.

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