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Hungry Girl Today: 3.8.13

We know what foods you like, because WE like 'em too. We also like to use these beloved foods as inspiration for TONS of unexpected dishes. It's time to play a game of "Like That? You'll LOVE This!" And we promise, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!!!

If You Like Buffalo Chicken…
Let's get the obvious pick out of the way first -- our H-O-T Hot Boneless Buffalo Wings are amazing! That said, we have SO many other options for you. For starters, skip the breading and make these Naked Buffalo Chicken Kebabs! Our Buff Chick Hot Wing Dip is a must-have at parties, as are the Big Blue Buffalo Jala' Poppers. Heck, let's get way outta the box -- try hot-wing flavor slathered on shrimp or mixed into beef burgers. "Back to CHICKEN, HG!" Alrighty... Get your Buffalo chicken fix via fajitas, in a salad, or on a pizza!

If You Like Chili…
First off, check out this classic vegetarian recipe, created by HG's very own HH (Hungry Husband!), and this spicy turkey version. Still have hot wings on the brain? Try the Buffalo Chicken Chili. Looking for more fun ways to enjoy chili? Comfort-food chili mac is always great when it's guilt-free a la HG, and this nicely spiced Cincinnati chili swap will satisfy your noodle needs too. Fan of chili dogs? Spoon some No-Buns-About-It Chili Dog Chili into your mouth! Or dig into some gooey Chili Cheese Dog Nachos. If it's too early for nachos, try a Chili Dog Egg Mug. And for a fast-food fix, whip up our swap for Sonic's Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap -- YUM!

If You Like Apple Pie…
Make our classic Gooey-Good Fuji Apple Pie! Want handheld pies? These Awesome Apple Pie-lets are just like those fast-food-style sweets, but they have less than HALF the calories. And check this out... We re-created a neato recipe found on Pinterest, and the result is impressive AND delicious -- it's our single-serve Stuffed-Apple Apple Pie! Another classic option for the solitary snacker is our Red Hot Apple Pie in a Mug. (YES, it's made with Red Hots candy!) Howsabout a whole slew of perfectly portioned deep-dish desserts? Say hello to our Mini Dutch Apple Pies!

If You Like Fettuccine Alfredo…
By now, you've probably made Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo many times! But have you tried the Avocado Girlfredo? It's AMAZING! Those of you who aren't into tofu shirataki noodles don't have to sit out this round... First up, this Super-Sized Spinach Fettuccine Girlfredo features traditional pasta, yet the serving size is untraditionally LARGE (thanks to zucchini strips!). We're also wild about this Hungry Girlfredo White Lasagna with sheets of lasagna noodles and layers of veggies. Finally, if you own HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX!, do not miss the Chicken Girlfredo Pizza and the Hungry Girlfredo Butternut Fries... not to mention the oodles of other Girlfredo recipes!

If You Like Spinach Artichoke Dip…
Spinach artichoke dip is the kind of thing that snack dreams are made of, but the stats can be downright nightmarish. Keep it classic with our no-guilt Crazy-Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip. Double your pleasure by dipping away with some Guiltless Gourmet Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Tortilla Chips! Or get inventive with our Spinach Artichoke Chicken, made in a foil pack for easy cleanup! And then there's our Yum-azing Turkey Artichoke Panini, featuring a creamy artichoke spread and (you guessed it) spinach!

If You Like Pizza…
OK, so we have approximately a BAZILLION actual pizza recipes. (Click here, here, and here for proof.) But take a look at these unconventional pizza-rific recipes... Our Supreme Pizza Dip is as good as it sounds (supremely good, that is!). These Triple-Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Poppers and Pizza-Pied Nachos are party perfection. Pizza in the morning? Forget Bagel Bites... A Pizza! Pizza! Egg Mug or a Breakfast Pizza Mexicali will get you through the a.m. hours with a smile. And for pizzas with unique low-carb bottoms, it's all about our Pizza-fied Chicken and Pizza-bellas!

If You Like Barbecue…
Since we're HUGE fans of BBQ, we've made over the classics and then some! For slow-cooked meat minus excessive calorie counts, cook up this 'Cue the Pulled Pork or this Slow-Cookin' Pulled Chicken. Or start talkin' sweet and make some Oh-Honey-Honey Boneless BBQ Wings. A recent all-star recipe at the HG HQ is this BBQ Chicken Cornbread Casserole, merging a couple of Southern favorites. How about seafood covered in BBQ sauce? Our BBQ Mango Tilapia and Bacon-Bundled BBQ Shrimp fit the bill deliciously! Finally, here's BBQ chicken in three unexpected places -- tacos, pizza, and a salad!

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