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Hungry Girl Today: 6.12.13

Dear HG,

I'm in absolute love with your growing oatmeal bowls. I eat one every day for breakfast! But now that it's almost summer, I want some alternatives to hot morning meals. Got any?

Breakfast Betty

Hi Betty,

I'm so happy you love the growing oatmeal bowls. They are life-changingly good! But I get where you're coming from. Sometimes, you just don't want a hot breakfast on a hot day. Here are some refreshingly cool breakfast ideas...

Oatmeal Parfaits - Chilled oatmeal layered with fruit and other goodies is fantastic! Refrigerate the oatmeal overnight, and then assemble your cool parfait in the a.m. Click here for a berry-banana creation, a pumpkin-pie parfait, and a cinna-apple recipe. Here's a gigantic fruit-salad oatmeal parfait. And check out these chocolate-banana, peaches 'n cream, and tropical versions!

Lunch-Inspired Breakfasts - For a no-cook breakfast that's packed with protein, start with a light bagel or 100-calorie flat sandwich bun. Then spread on a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light cheese, and pile it high with thinly sliced lean deli meat, like 97 - 98% fat-free turkey breast or ham. Yum! You can also brunch it up with lox-style smoked salmon. In fact, here's a recipe that uses a waffle as the base (let it cool after toasting), and here's one with lettuce wraps!

Cold Cereal with a Filling Twist - Look for high-fiber cereals to help keep you satisfied. I love all of the options from Fiber One. The new chocolate cereal (80 Calories Chocolate) is ridiculously good. Then mix the high-fiber stuff with low-cal puffed cereal to give you a huge portion size! Top it with fruit to really up the filling factor. Here's a recipe that combines high-fiber cereal, puffed stuff, and blueberries. Click here for more standout cereals, and click here for need-to-know milk info to keep that b-fast bowl guilt-free.

Parfaits All the Way - Oatmeal parfaits aren't your only layered a.m. option. For a faster fix, go for fruit 'n yogurt parfaits. Here's a PB&J one, a freeze-dried fruit classic, and a caramel-apple creation. And here's a recent favorite: the Choco-Berry Crunch Yogurt Parfait, starring that chocolate cereal from Fiber One!

Greek Yogurt Bowls - Really pressed for time? Just toss some protein-packed fat-free Greek yogurt in a bowl along with your favorite fruits and other goodies. Here's a trail-mix-inspired recipe, and this one's packed with pineapple and grapes. For a cool cottage-cheese spin, check out this Double-0-Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Bowl!

That should keep you satisfied 'til the end of summer... Enjoy!

Dear HG,

What are some great no-bake desserts? I love sweets, but it's too hot in my apartment to have the oven on in summer!

No-Bake Natalie

Hi Natalie,

Ah, another summertime dilemma. Not to worry, I've got plenty of fantastic sweet treats that you can whip up without an oven…

Cakes in Mugs - Okay, so these require a microwave... but microwaving is NOT the same as baking. It takes WAY less time and won't raise the temperature in your home! Whether you like angel food cake, cake inspired by candy bars, or even apple pie, there's a dessert-mug recipe for YOU.

Dessert Parfaits - If you read the answer to the question above, you'll see that HG parfaits run the gamut. They're easy, portion controlled, and all-around awesome. Choco-PB? Very Berry Dreamboat? Yes and yes!

Freezy Does It - HG whoopie pies have a pretty cool spin: They're served frozen! They also require zero baking and are packed with fiber, thanks to Vitalicious VitaTops. Try the Birthday Whoopie Pie, Freezy-Good Whoopie S'mores, and Freezy-Cool Banana Whoopie Pies. I also love making frozen dessert sandwiches with graham crackers or rice cakes. Click for three great recipes!

Fast 'n Fruity, Plus Ice Cream Fun - Here are a few refreshing fruit-based dessert ideas. Stuff strawberries with a cool creamy filling, or just dip 'em in chocolate pudding. And for a huge no-guilt treat, scoop some light vanilla ice cream into half a cantaloupe! Speaking of ice cream, click here for sandwiches, sundaes, and shakes galore.

Hungry for More? Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 Just Desserts is crammed with incredible no-bake desserts! Check out these chapters: Cake Mugs & More, Freezy Dessert Sandwiches, and Crunchcakes & Cones. Do NOT miss the Turtle Cheesecake Cones!

Sweet! Now stay cool...
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Today, June 12th, is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day. PB Pretzel Softies, anyone?

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