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Hungry Girl Today: 7.24.13

Dear HG,

I love the decadent pancake recipes you've come up with over the years. Sometimes I like to keep things simple, though. Do you have a basic pancake recipe without any toppings or filling?

Passionate about Pancakes

Hi Passionate about Pancakes,

Yay, glad you love them! Since loaded pancake stacks are generally SO high in calories, we're all about re-creating them guilt-free. (Click here for some great ones, and check out the "Pancakes and French Toast" chapter of HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX!) But like you said, sometimes you just want hot and fluffy pancakes minus all the indulgent stuff. So here's a recipe for those tasty p-cakes themselves... Not only are they low in calories and fat, but they're also PACKED with fiber and protein!