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Hungry Girl Today: 10.28.13


It's me, Lisa, a.k.a. Hungry Girl. I'm interrupting today's regularly scheduled HG newsletter to personally tell you about some HUGE Hungry Girl news! Something incredible is coming in 2014.

As you may know, I launched Hungry Girl in 2004 as a free daily newsletter. Ever since, I've sent out emails five days a week with guilt-free recipes, food finds, survival guides, and more. Today, these emails are sent to over 1.2 million subscribers and are forwarded to many more people. I've been so lucky to meet thousands of wonderful HG fans over the years. And the one question I've been asked more than any other is this: "When will Hungry Girl come out with a DIET PLAN that takes the guesswork out of weight loss?"

People have long been asking exactly how they can use signature Hungry Girl concepts like egg mugs, growing oatmeal bowls, and pasta swaps to drop pounds fast. While HG has always been (and will continue to be!) a resource for people who want to lose or maintain weight -- offering creative, better-for-you choices that can be incorporated into their daily diets -- there's never been an actual Hungry Girl eating plan... until NOW!

I spent much of 2013 developing this diet, because I wanted to deliver what so many of you have been asking for. Early on, I decided that I wanted this plan to be a four-week jump start -- a QUICK and direct path to weight loss and the Hungry Girl way of eating that could help people change their lives FOREVER. It was also important to me that the plan be nutritionally sound and approved by an excellent registered dietitian.

I wanted the HG eating plan to give you innovative ideas and ways to enjoy large portions of delicious food while losing weight FAST. It also needed to be flexible, realistic, and easy to follow. We've accomplished this, and it's a fantastic jumpstart plan. It's also the PERFECT way to get past a plateau (you know, the "stuck scale"), lose weight for a special event, or kick your weight loss into high gear!

The Hungry Girl Diet was finalized several months ago, but I didn't want to release it to you until we TESTED it, to make sure it would get real-world RESULTS. The plan was tried by a select group of around 100 people: HG fans, staffers (myself included!), friends, and family members. The results, I'm thrilled to report, are staggeringly impressive: In the 4 weeks on the plan, testers lost an average of 10 pounds, and many dropped between 10 and 20! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I truly could not be more excited about this diet plan and the resulting book.

The Hungry Girl Diet will be released in March! That might seem far away, but it'll be here faster than you think. Until then (and long after!), I'll continue to dish out guilt-free recipes and tips 'n tricks every Monday through Friday. I'm sending this bulletin NOW, not only to break the news about the new diet, but also to get you excited about how YOU can be part of the book launch. Over the next few months, I'll be seeking out Hungry Girl fans across the USA to test the plan before it's available to the rest of the world -- and even to help launch the book by appearing with me on TV and in other forms of media. Please stay informed by reading your daily HG emails, because soon I'll be letting you know exactly how YOU can get involved.

In the meantime, get excited, because Hungry Girl is going to take all the guesswork out of weight loss and give you exactly what you've been asking for. And the best news is that the Hungry Girl Diet can easily fit into your current lifestyle and ANY eating plan that offers flexibility.

More soon... Share the big news with friends, and remember to CHEW THE RIGHT THING!


Lisa (a.k.a. Hungry Girl)

P.S. The book is already available for pre-order -- just click on the cover (or click here). If you do order early, save your receipt, in case we run a special pre-order promotion. (You know I love those!)

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