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Hungry Girl Today: 11.18.13

Stacy's Snacks
Have Got It Goin' On…
Spotted on Shelves...
Stacy's Bake Shop Bakery Crisps, Banana Nut and Vanilla Pound Cake - Stacy has always been the queen of pita chips, and now she's taking her snack line to a whole new level with sweet 'n crunchy cake-like bites! We're borderline obsessed. An ounce (about 4 crisps) has 130 calories, 4.5 - 5g fat, 30 - 90mg sodium, 19 - 20g carbs, <1 - 1g fiber, 11 - 12g sugars, and 2 - 3g protein (PointsPlus® value 3 - 4*). In stores nationwide.

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit in Tangerine - We love freeze-dried fruit, and this new citrus offering is incredible! It's the perfect blend of sweet and tangy. Each single-serve bag (0.36 oz.) of the light and crunchy snack has 40 calories, 0g fat, 10mg sodium, 9g carbs, 1g fiber, 6g sugars, and 0g protein (PointsPlus® value 1*). In select stores and online...

Seasonal Flavors! Lärabar - Add a little holiday-dessert flavor to snack time with these portion-controlled picks. In Pumpkin Pie (yum) and Snickerdoodle (mega yum!), each bar has 190 calories, 9g fat, 0 - 30mg sodium, 25g carbs, 3g fiber, 17g sugars, and 4g protein (PointsPlus® value 5*). In stores and online, but only for a limited time!

Fast-Food News! (Turkey Tacos, Dueling Burgers & More)
Del Taco Tests Turkey: The Mexican-food chain is testing out seasoned ground turkey as a lightened-up option! Reportedly, the Turkey Tacos and Turkey Crunchtadas will have 33 percent less fat than their beef counterparts. They're currently available in a couple of California cities. Until they're sold in more locations, we suggest the Grilled Chicken Tacos (maybe ditch the secret sauce) and classic bean Crunchtadas!

Burger King Dupes McD's (Plus HG Swaps): Yup, the "new" items on BK's menu are pretty much duplicates of popular McDonald's sandwiches. And neither is worth it. The Big King has a slightly lower calorie count but the same amount of fat as a Big Mac. Our recipe swap trumps them both! And while BK's BBQ Rib Sandwich has 50 fewer calories than a McRib, it's got a higher fat count. Clearly, our Sassy Saucy Ribwich reigns supreme!

Coming Soon to a Chipotle Near You… Sofritas! Non-meat-eaters, get excited: You'll soon be able to order items from Chipotle filled with seasoned tofu! By the end of the year, Sofritas will be available in 650 Chipotle locations. We'll take ours on a salad with fajita veggies!

What's New?
Tacos, Burgers, and Tofu!

Exercise for the Mind!
Work It Out! New Exercise Benefits and Trends
Need a reason to work out? Recent research suggests that exercising NOW could improve mental well-being LATER. A review of 30 studies in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine indicates that physical activity could prevent future depression. A separate study found that even short-term aerobic exercise could help to counter memory loss and other cognitive declines in aging adults. Yay for that! And if you're looking for new exercise options, the American College of Sports Medicine has released its predictions for the top 20 fitness trends for next year. At the top of the list? High-intensity interval training (short bursts of activity plus short periods of recovery) and body-weight training (lifting your own body weight). Start movin', people!

The Buzz...
In case you haven't heard, check your fridges... More than 180,000 pounds of ready-to-eat salads and sandwich wraps -- including a couple of Trader Joe's products -- are being recalled due to potential E. coli contamination. Click NOW for the full info, and be safe! ***Want to try THE HUNGRY GIRL DIET before the book comes out next March? Fill out this questionnaire, and you could be in the running to try the four-week jump-start plan and participate in media events with Lisa (HG herself!). Cool, huh? CLICK! ***We're always gabbing about the meaty super-sizing powers of mushrooms, and here's PROOF. As part of a consumer taste test, 147 participants sampled eight different blends of taco meat with varying ratios of beef to mushrooms, including two all-beef options. The votes were cast, and the winning blend was 50 percent beef and 50 percent mushrooms. Nice! ***Check this out: A new study on buffets found that the order in which items are served influenced how much diners consumed. The first three foods encountered wound up filling two-thirds of the diners' plates. And when less healthy items were first in line, the diners took about 31 percent more total food. Use this info when setting your holiday table -- start with those veggies and lean proteins! ***Let's wrap things up with some fresh info... Scope out this slideshow of 20 fruits you may never have heard of! Grenadia? Ackee? Lakoocha? YOWSA! And that's all we've got. HG out!

Check Your Chicken Products!

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November is National Georgia Pecan Month. Wherever your nuts come from, we recommend using them for a batch of these Nutty Caramel-Coated Sticky Buns!

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