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Hungry Girl Today: 1.31.14


Hungry Girl Edible Idol: BLT

Yes, bacon was one of the original Edible Idols, but the mighty BLT sandwich is an icon in its own right. Get ready to celebrate in guilt-free fashion!

Breaking It Down…

BACON! When it comes to strips of the crispy meat, we stick with either center-cut pork bacon (it's the leanest of all pork bacons) or regular turkey bacon (naturally pretty lean). Both options have about 30 calories and 2.5g fat per slice. For center-cut, check out Hormel Black Label; for turkey, we like Jennie-O and Oscar Mayer. Applegate Naturals Reduced Sodium Sunday Bacon and Uncured Turkey Bacon also fit the bill. Click here for more!

LETTUCE! Iceberg is a go-to if you're in the market for mild flavor and crunchy texture, but we like romaine best (extra crunch)! And confession time: We often use spinach as a stand-in for our BLT-inspired recipes. Not technically lettuce, but it totally works!

TOMATO! Think BIG... as in slices from LARGE tomatoes. One or two big slabs of tomato just make for a much more stable sandwich than several small slices. If you can get your hands on a beefsteak tomato, DO IT. Feeling unconventional? Try bagged sun-dried tomatoes -- if you can only find the kind packed in oil, drain and rinse them well.

BREAD! Light bread is the name of the game. Standard slices like the ones in the Sara Lee 45 Calories & Delightful line are great for a classic sandwich. But 100-calorie flat sandwich buns and Flatout Hungry Girl Foldit Flatbreads are also A-OK! To toast or not to toast? Totally your call...

Hungry Girl's Best BLT Ingredients

Hungry Girl's Best Condiments for BLTs

The Add-Ons…

Mayo - Fat-free mayo is a great way to keep stats down, with only about 10 calories per tablespoon. But if you're not a fan of the flavor, light mayo is also a valid option with about 40 calories and around 4g fat per tablespoon.

Mustard - When it comes to mustard, go nuts. It's super low in calories and tastes AMAZING with bacon. One of our favorites is the creamy Dijonnaise made by Best Foods/Hellmann's, which miraculously has only 5 fat-free calories a teaspoon.

Avocado - Fans of the BLTA, know this: Avocado is full of good-for-you, heart-healthy fats, BUT you don't want to go overboard with it. An ounce of it (about 1/4 avocado) has 45 calories and 4g fat. Measure it out, and indulge!

BLT 1-2-3 Roundup!

Hungry Grilled BLT - If a classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is what you crave, follow our lead...

BLT Wonton Crunchies - Using crispy shells instead of bread slices, these adorable items do not skimp on FLAVOR!

Mini BLT Toasts - Easy appetizer alert! When unexpected company is coming over, throw together some of these toasty squares.

BLT Tostada - Put all those sandwich fillings over a crunchy corn tortilla! Yup, totally awesome.

Better-Than-a-BLT Hash Browns - Now we're getting a little more avant garde... YAY, POTATOES!

BLT-rific Mac 'n Cheese - Here, we trade bread for another popular base -- PASTA! If you've never combined the famous sandwich with mac 'n cheese (and chances are, you haven't), start NOW.

Spoonable BLT Soup - Tomato soup gets a twist in this recipe! Soup + sandwich = no-brainer.

BLT B-fast Burrito - As passionate as we are about BLTs, we're super passionate about big breakfasts. Check out this scramble-stuffed bacon burrito STAT.

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