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Hungry Girl Today: 2.12.14


Hey Lisa,

I was wondering... What are your personal favorite Hungry Girl recipes -- the ones you make regularly?

Wondering in Wisconsin

Hi Wondering,

Fun question! I do make HG recipes all the time. Here are my favorites:

Egg mugs. The Egg Mug Classic is the easiest way to make a quick li'l breakfast with just two ingredients. As soon as I discovered that egg substitute could be scrambled in the microwave, I immediately added my favorite cheese wedge, and the egg mug was born! I make and eat this (or some variation of it) several times a week.

Lord of the Onion Rings. The first time I felt like a true mad scientist in the kitchen was when I came up with this recipe. I knew I had to create a swap for the usual greasy (yet crispy and delicious) onion rings. So I tossed some Fiber One in a blender to create a crunchy coating. Then I dipped raw onion rings in egg substitute, covered them in the high-fiber crumbs, and tossed 'em in the oven. So good! I just made a few batches of these for Super Bowl Sunday. Click here for some tips 'n tricks.

Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo. House Foods Tofu Shirataki noodles -- a.k.a. the world's best low-calorie pasta swap -- literally changed my life. Add a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light cheese, a little fat-free sour cream, and reduced-fat Parm, and you've got a fettuccine Alfredo bowl for just 99 calories! Sometimes I'll make this with my other favorite noodle swap, broccoli cole slaw.

Sloppy Joe Stir-Fry Slaw. Speaking of broccoli cole slaw, this three-ingredient recipe is so easy and really filling. I love it so much, I developed a special SUPER-SIZED version of it for The Hungry Girl Diet (out in six weeks... AHHH!!!!). I eat this ALL THE TIME!

Swappuccinos. I have a soft spot for DIY versions of those fancy blended coffee-shop drinks. It's SHOCKING how many calories the real things contain! Although not technically a Swappuccino, my personal favorite HG coffee drink is the Super-Duper Cocoa-rific Coffee Malt. So delicious and under 70 calories!

There you have it. Some of my all-time favorite recipes... What are YOUR favorites? Sound off on Facebook!

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