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Hungry Girl Today: 4.14.14


Spotted on Shelves...
Silk Original AlmondCoconut Blend - Hold everything... This new nondairy milk is amazing! It tastes like a mild, creamy coconut shake, and we're MADLY in love. A 1-cup serving has 50 calories, 3g fat, 170mg sodium, 5g carbs, 0g fiber, 5g sugars, and <1g protein (PointsPlus® value 1*). In stores nationwide -- click to find it near you. This is a must-try, people!

Dasani Sparkling - Flavor without calories? Sign us up! We like a nice unsweetened option now and then, and this line of bubbly water from Dasani has the perfect hint of fruity taste. In Lemon, Lime, Apple (the HG favorite!), and Berry, each 12-oz. can has no calories, no carbs, and just 25 - 35mg sodium. Crisp, refreshing... Look for it in stores nationwide.

Yoplait Light Limited Edition Margarita - Hooray for fat-free yogurt inspired by beachy cocktails! Unlike regular margaritas, this creamy treat can be enjoyed by humans of all ages -- anytime, anyplace. Each 6-oz. container has 90 calories, 0g fat, 80mg sodium, 16g carbs, 0g fiber, 10g sugars, and 5g protein (PointsPlus® value 2*). There's also Yoplait Original Limited Edition Peach Sweet Tea, for 170 calories per 6-oz. cup. And both of these come in 4-oz. containers too. Click for retailers, and grab a spoon...

High-Volume Foods Could Prevent Overeating… Here's Proof!
Here at Hungry Girl, we like our portions large and our calorie counts low. That's why we're constantly super-sizing our meals and snacks. And it's a good thing, because results of a new study suggest that low-volume foods can actually lead to overeating. Researchers tested people's ability to judge portion size while pouring cereal. When flake size was reduced (as frequently happens once you get to the bottom of the box), subjects served themselves smaller amounts by measurement BUT the total amounts by weight (which are what count when it comes to calorie content) were still greater than when they poured the standard flakes. What does this mean? We're more likely to overeat calorie-dense foods than we are high-volume foods with the same number of calories. Looking for ways to super-size your food? Here are some of our best food expanders. And The Hungry Girl Diet is all about getting the most bang for your calorie buck with giant portions. Check it out!

New Benefits of Healthy Foods!
"Beans, Beans, They're Good for Your Heart..." - It's more than just a cheeky rhyme! A recent study has found that eating a serving of beans, lentils, or chickpeas each day can help to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and the risk of heart disease. Hey, eating our way to good health is our kind of remedy... Click for recipe ideas.

Watermelon Associated with Blood Pressure Reduction - Doesn't sitting down and enjoying a nice big slice of watermelon sound relaxing? Well, in addition to being a delicious treat, researchers at Florida State University found that watermelon also contains compounds that could decrease your blood pressure. Scoop up some Sassy Melon Salad STAT.

The Buzz...
If you've been dying to try All-Natural GoodPop Frozen Pops (the insanely delicious, low-calorie frozen treats we raved about last year), now's your chance... The freezy-pop peeps are giving five winners across the country GoodPop parties for 30 people! Enter for your chance to fill your freezer with guilt-free goodness. (Deadline 4/27/14.) Bonus: GoodPops are now available for online ordering. (Fair warning: Shipping is pricey. See store locations here.) Ready to party? ***If you have a kid with gluten sensitivity, check out this list from our pals and partners at It breaks down common candies that are free of gluten and others that aren't. And if you're a gluten avoider looking to pick through the kiddo's Easter basket, we suggest some Milk Chocolate Hershey's Kisses (about 23 calories each), Jelly Belly jelly beans (eat 25 for 100 calories), and Marshmallow Peeps (28 calories per chick; check the labels, since not all varieties are gluten-free). ***What Starbucks drink is most popular in your region? While it's not exactly shocking that iced drinks reign supreme in warm climates and hot beverages are tops in states with cold winters, who knew that Memphis is obsessed with White Chocolate Mochas and Denver residents regularly sip tea lattes? Click for a fun map! ***And last but not least, Lisa (HG herself) is continuing her tour across the country for The Hungry Girl Diet! Tomorrow, she'll be in Kansas City, MO, and Thursday, she's in Phoenix, AZ. Come on out for a crazy-fun time crammed with free snacks, cool prizes, fun Q&A, and more. Click for the full tour info. And that's all we've got. HG out!

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