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Hungry Girl Today: 10.16.06


Is it Time to TOSS Bagged Salads?

Just because something's called "Ready to Eat" doesn't necessarily mean it

is. Recently, our pals at Consumer Reports tested a bunch of bagged salads

(6 different kinds, from Dole and Fresh Express) that were supposedly ready

to be eaten right out of the bag. The contents of these bags were

meticulously tested for the "yuck factor" by viewing and sniffing each piece,

then weighing the pieces that were deemed inedible or undesirable. The

percentage of inedible salad per bag ranged from 0.5% to 83%. And

sometimes, even salads with a very low percentage of inedible leaves were

so unappealing that the testers said they would have chucked the whole bag.

Many of the bags had "off" odors and smelled like rotting veggies,

sauerkraut, or chlorine. Gross! Our advice? Chop your own lettuce (it's

cheaper, too!). But if you do eat bagged salads, ALWAYS wash 'em first.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month...Get in the Pink!

Lots of companies are getting involved in raising awareness of, and money

for, breast cancer charities. Special edition pink knives are the result of a

partnership between Mundial (makers of high-quality cutlery) and the

National Breast Cancer Foundation. And these special edition pink porcelain

enamel covered pots and pans are available at Neiman Marcus -- along with

a slew of other "pink ribbon" products as well. A company called The

Republic of Tea has a whole "Sip for the Cure" line of teas -- including Pink

Rose Green Tea, Pink Grapefruit Green Tea, Pink Lemonade Green Tea and

more. This company has already contributed over a half a million dollars to

the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Souplantation/Sweet

Tomatoes is another Susan G. Komen partner. Their "Drink for Pink"

campaign is going on right now. Every Friday in October, the company will

donate 5% of all beverage sales to the charity. Think pink, everyone!

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Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Salad-On-Ice - No, it's not a new figure skating show starring Michelle Kwan

and a chicken caesar; Salad-On-Ice is an incredibly cool (literally) bowl that

has a hollow stand that you fill with ice to keep your salad chilled and fresh

throughout your entire meal. It's made of shatter-resistant acrylic (perfect

for the clumsy) and comes with a lid -- and it even includes a pair of serving

utensils. Weeeee!


Photo Lunchboxes - Chances are you'll eat fewer calories if you pack your

own lunch, but it's not always easy to stay motivated and focused enough to

pull it off. Perhaps it'd be easier if your lunchbox had a pic of your kid,

favorite pet, hubby or a skinny pic of YOU on it. Check out these

custom photo lunchboxes from Ogg Studio. So cool!


LEGO My Ice Cube Tray - If you or anyone you know enjoys LEGOs, check

out the super-duper array of LEGO items for your home. In addition to ice

cube trays there are LEGO salt & pepper shakers, LEGO aprons, LEGO

coasters and LEGO corkscrews. Cute!

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The Buzz...

Sometimes food is almost too cute to eat. Such is the case with the new Fig

Newtons Minis. They come in 130-calorie pouches and, in case you were

wondering, each shrunken cookie has 16 calories. Just some more news you

can use. ***Ooooooh HG needs your help. We're thinking about bringing

you some new content in different formats, but we want to know more about

what you want. Click here to take our poll. THANKS!!!!! ***Trader Joe's fans -

- check out their brand-new website. There are new locations popping up

EVERYWHERE these days. Woohoo! ***Dannon is so sure their Activia yogurt

will "regulate" you, that they're daring you to take their challenge. Eat the

stuff for two weeks, and if it doesn't "help naturally regulate your digestive

system," they'll refund your money. We're assuming this will all be based on

the honor system. That's all we've got. HG out!




It's National Pork Month. In many cases, pork is as lean and low-cal as

chicken or turkey. Get the scoop here!

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