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Hungry Girl Today: 11.29.06


Dear Hungry Girl,

Do your recipes stay posted indefinitely? Or will they disappear after a
certain period of time? Do you have any favorite HG recipes? Also, will you
ever put out a book with all of your recipes? Thanks for the info -- I am new
to Hungry Girl and love it.

In Need of HG Recipes

Dear In Need,

Wow...lots of recipe Qs there! Yes, all of the recipes (and emails!) remain on
the website ( indefinitely. If you go to the site, you'll see five
main "areas" that all correspond to days of the week. Monday is "News,"
Tuesday is "Chew The Right Thing," Wednesday (today) is "Ask Hungry Girl,"
Thursday is "Weekly Weigh-In," and Friday is "Girls Bite Out." If you click on
each of those buttons, you'll be taken to archive pages that feature lists
(organized by date) of all past emails/content in that category. The site is
also easy to search using keywords. It's all there -- so there's no need to
save and file every email (unless you want to!). I do have some favorite
recipes. My Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo, Baked Onion Rings, Gooey Chili
Cheese Nachos, and Strawberry Cloud (Starbucks swap) are probably my
favorites. As for a book, yes, I hope to put one out one day. And it'll feature
some classic HG faves and TONS of new ones, too. Very exciting!

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I love the holidays -- and drinking warm, holiday-ish beverages. I assume
most hot winter drinks are pretty high in calories, right? Got any tips for guilt-
free sips?

Lovin' the Hot Stuff

Dear Lovin',

You're right; many warm winter beverages are VERY high in calories. Drinks
like hot caramel cider, peppermint hot cocoa and hot buttered rum are
typically PACKED with calories and fat. These sweet drinks can have as
many as 500 or 600 calories. And I don't care how good they taste, that is a
complete WASTE (unintentional rhyme, I promise). The good news is, there
are some incredibly delicious sugar-free hot drink mixes and syrups that
taste exactly like the real ones. And if you mix and match 'em, you can
make dozens of fantastic low-cal beverages. Scour supermarket shelves for
powdered drink mixes. Diet hot cocoa (any of the packets that have 25
calories are good -- I love Swiss Miss and Nestle) is a must. And a company
called Alpine makes the GREATEST sugar-free apple cider. Find those where
the cocoa & other baking ingredients are sold, or with the other powdered
drink mixes. Stock up on Torani and DaVinci sugar-free syrups in holiday
flavors like peppermint, white chocolate and eggnog. In case you
missed 'em, click here for some of my favorite winter-y drink recipes.

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Tomorrow, November 30th, is National Mousse Day. We'll be bringing you
THREE brand-new mousse-tastic recipes. Don't miss 'em!!!

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